Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Went to bed last night watching the TV show HOARDERS

And had terrible nightmares! I absolutely detest having too many things around me - I also was reading a really interesting fashion site. Those two things coupled to make a rough night! I dreamt I was trying to navigate through a house full of stuff, and clean at the same time...it just kept getting worse and worse! I think that was my subconcious telling me to get into that ten foot closet and get rid of stuff once and for all! I really recommend this site since the author has definite opinions, and sound advice for all body types in a very concise format. http://www.thechicfashionista.com I like her list of basics, too, as they are very similar to the items I have in my own closet and find myself wearing over and over again. I truly would be lost without my black tshirt and jeans for instance!

It is our anniversary today. It has been either 35 or 36 years. Can't quite remember! Hubby is in Thompson, and will be home for supper. We usually just enjoy the comforts of home on our anniversary, since that was the whole point of getting married in the first place! There is no other place we would rather be. So, maybe a bit of Chinese food would be nice? Just might light a candle or two....

Anyway, this diet business. I woke up this morning a full two pounds lighter after my day of debauchery yesterday. When I am left to my own devices? I am a total child. The thing is? I lost weight eating chips, chocolate covered almonds and cashews. Mind you I did polish off the day with mandarin oranges, so maybe it balanced out! I did keep my stress in check though...I am purposely willing myself not to worry about every mouthful of food I put into my body. I also got a lot of sleep last night. Maybe there is something to that article? Time will tell! All I know is that I reallyl enjoyed my grazing yesterday. When the cat is away, this mouse turned into a rat for sure! LOL

Breakfast today: toasted English muffin with cheez whiz yum-o! Speaking of Rachael Ray? I bought one of her garbage bowls from the shopping channel, and I love it. AND her measuring bowls. Bright, happy products that are so useful! The garbage bowl sits on my counter, and saves so many steps during prep time, I can not tell you!

Lunch: Hmmmm it is almost time for lunch and I just had breakfast. I am going to work on NOT grazing today, so maybe a good bowl of homemade soup? Lunch ended up being a toasted English muffin with plastic cheese at three. With a side of Sour Cream and Onion Lay's chips. I know. I am bad.

Supper: Chinese food is my plan! Almond Guy Ding, Beef and Broccoli with steamed rice. MMM good. Dessert was a double portion of chocolate covered almonds. Would rather have a meal like this than one at Hy's to tell you the truth! I love Chinese food!

Rick was in Thompson and saw the kids last night. The baby is getting wavy hair, and optomistic hubby sees her as having Glenda's hair. IF ONLY! Mother's lock up your sons!

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