Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My bathing suit arrived today!

I almost forgot to post this. I found this suit on EBay, and to my amazement, it fits like a glove. The print is a strange colour combination. Brown background, olive green, and shades of Pepto-Bismol pink!The irony is, that it was originally a QVC item! I had seen the suit on-line but this colour was sold out, so I totally knew what I was buying online. Plus it was new with tags, a nice extra.

A lot of other items arrived as well. They are just resting on my office armchair before beginning their long trek back from whence they came. The postage is killing me, but it is the cost I am willing to pay, to have the selection the world has to offer! I really think I should stop ordering things for the cruise though. I am planning on one carry on bag, and seems to me, not a whole lot is going to fit in that little case and my big black purse! I have a good skeleton wardrobe as it is, but the urge to splurge was just too strong to fight when I was all alone with this machine. What is a person supposed to do? Use self control? Naaahhhhhhh

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