Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Lovely day in the neighbourhood....

We shopped for a few things at Costco today. It was really quiet there, which made a nice change from the last months shopping expeditions that were more like battle deployments! We were able to pick up our milk and who knows what else in record time as there were no crowds to slug through!

We have a party to go to tomorrow evening, so that will be fun. I still do not know what I am going to wear, but something comfortable and resistant to staining would be a good start. I think dress pants and a nice blouse...maybe my new silk number, with nice earrings. Yep. that would be perfect.

So, this morning, we started our day with oatmeal. Lunch was at Wendy's where we shared a chili and french fries. If you dump the chili over the fries? It is really, really good. AND you have to add a package of hot chili sauce for that little zip! When we came home, I quickly made some GF macaroni with ground beef, and spaghetti sauce and cheese. It was pretty, I give myself credit for that! A simple romaine salad rounded out the meal. Rick loved it. I hated it. He is much more forgiving about the GF products than I am, it seems. I really didn't like the meal, and only ate enough to keep the sugars up! So, when we got home tonight, I treated myself to a hot chocolate and two small GF muffins. Mm Mm Mm good!

I really want to sleep in tomorrow morning. I wonder if that is possible?

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