Monday, December 14, 2009

Have you noticed? We are almost done with another year. Where does the time go? I have no idea, but I do know that it is going super fast whatever the destination!

We had oatmeal for breakfast. What a treat! It sticks to your ribs, and is a nice change from eggs. I finally got tired of the same old thing for breakfast, so a change is really appreciated! There are *chicken thighs thawing as we speak, so that is the backbone of our supper tonight. Lunch? Well, maybe a snack at three, because I am still full!

The grocery store beckons, so I really hope it isn't too cold out there!

*The chicken thighs were amazing. I browned them, skin side down in a skillet, flipping when they were crispy, golden and easily "released" themselves from the pan. I then moved them to a plate, and browned two medium cut up potatoes, chunks of onion and a few carrots in the same pan. When the veggies were almost tender, I put the chicken back on top of the veggies and finished cooking in the oven.

Just before they were done (I was aiming for an internal temp of 180º, about 150º) I brushed a mixture of honey, curry powder, ginger and soya sauce on the thighs, then returned the dish to the oven. WOW! Was that ever good! The pan drippings were great spooned over the veggies (worked out to be the same as garnishing the veggies with butter, as there was very little fat in the pan) and everything had the flavour that only roasting can give. I really wish I had a picture, because it was a pretty dish as well. I usually have one chicken thigh, but this was so good, I indulged in two!MMMMM mmmmm good! And the bonus? My blood sugar was normal before my snack at night. 5.5 to be exact. Life is good when you find food that helps you balance!

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