Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today I am going to do battle with my sewing machine and my 'way too long' slips! I have been putting off doing this for well over a month...the sewing machine took up permanant resident status on the spare dining room chair...we just don't see it anymore. BUT we are expecting company this weekend, and I would like to have my chairs available for bums, not for machines!

This morning, I started polishing the silverware, and forgot about breakfast. Bad idea. So, lunch was two eggs and an English muffin with butter. Very good indeed. I have no idea what supper will be though! I have to stick around to receive my gluten free order from Kinnikinnick, so I feel like I have one foot nailed to the floor. My first order of the day was to polish all of the silver flatware, and now I have one remaining challenge....THE DREADED SLIP SHORTENING.

Supper? A baked potatoe would suit me just fine. I found a bag of frozen broccoli the other day in the back of the freezer, so that would make a good addition. I could add a little protein by cracking a can of red salmon to eat on the side. I think it would be really tastey to mix some cream cheese, sour cream and cooked broccoli into the potato flesh, and restuff the skins. Trouble is I don't have any sour cream, but I imagine some whipping cream would do the trick, with a little sharp cheddar to add a little zip. I find that rich flavours in very small amounts are all I really need to satisfy both my appetite and taste buds. It seems that a lot of receipes leave you wanting more because there really isn't anything flavourful about them. What is broccoli without a little salt and a teensy bit of butter? GRASS.

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