Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun and games with my remote....

I have been parking further and further away from the door when I go shopping...just to see just how far this gadget will operate! I am thrilled. Usually, we are not this foolish with out money, but hey, everyone has a vice, right? I do see the ridiculousness of the situation though. A two year old car, with 2,100 kms on it, hardly needs a remote starter! But who said logic had anything to do with it? I do feel like it will be a lot easier to get out and about on those blustery days, if I know my seat warmer has been turned on and is ready for my elegant bum ahead of me actually entering the vehicle, well, needless to say, I will be more apt to go out!

So, tonight we are having a dinner party. It has been so long since we had anyone but no fuss friends over, that I had forgotten just how much work entertaining can be! Of course, Rick was his usual wonderful self. He did the dusting and vacuuming, while I cleaned the kitchen and the front hall closet. I managed to get rid of one of his parkas, and that made room for another shoe organizer. There is room for 32 pairs of neatly stored shoes in the closet now, but I still have two of those shoe wheel things in my bedroom closet. Excessive? No more than anyone else, I would think. In theory? You only need four pairs of shoes. BUT in reality? You have to buy ten pairs to find the one good fitting pair you love, and can't live without. You really don't know which of the ten wil turn out to be your favourite go to shoes. I also managed to get the shower curtains and liners laundered. I love my shower curtains. They are both white, both soft and silky to the touch. Why I thought this had to be done before a dinner party is beyond me, but I am glad I had the time to do it.

This morning I had an omelet for breakfast, but couldn't finish it. So, one egg, two mushrooms and about 120 calories worth of cheese. Three slices of bacon and skim milk.

Lunch was a gf English muffin, with "plastic" cheese and a glass of milk. Supper will be a Greek Salad, mashed potatoes (with cream cheese, rather than butter) roasted chicken breasts and Bananas Foster for dessert...This sounds familiar because I did a trial run of the chicken and potatoes last night for supper. I bought regular buns for everyone but me, which is the reason I treated myself to anEnglish Muffin for lunch. Plus, it will make me a better cook, because I won't be trying to cook on an empty stomach. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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