Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It is sooooooooooo cold!

I am just not ready to accept winter yet...I don't care if it is December, I want some heat please!

Today, I grazed and acted like a five year old. I had a toasted GF hot dog bun for breakfast with a slice of "plastic" know the stuff we all love and won't admit to eating? Well, that was followed by four bags of Lays plain potato chips. Yep. Four. 90 calories each and all that fat. Supper was baked beans and a fruit nappie full of sweet mix pickles...more salt. Snack time? I demolished a 1.5 lb box of those tiny mandarines. I showed no mercy - ate the whole family, huddled as they were together in that little orange box proclaiming their sweetness. I have no idea how many calories that all was, but today? I don't care. I was out of milk so oatmeal wasn't an option, and I am tired of eggs for breakfast. Yep. It has finally happened!

So, that is about all I have to report...not much can happen to you if you don't stick your nose out the door! I did order the showstopper from the shopping channel today though...a head warmer.
It was a set of two, unisex (will look bad on everyone!) and most importantly, will be good for our trips north, to keep us warm in case of an emergency. Sometimes life up there is a constant emergency! Whoa Nelly it gets cold! And if it gets really really cold? I am not beyond wearing it with my dress clothes!

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