Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twelve hours to departure.....

I have to get things together just in time to leave again. So far? I have done next to nothing! Thank goodness I did the laundry yesterday! Also, I did get a good pruning at the hairdressers today. Short, short, short for spring. Hair is nice, but it is a nuisance to keep up! I noticed that it is a shade darker, too. All that fun in the sun really bleached out the ends, so now, what is left is healthier. Hopefully it won't be to hard to keep up, but you just never know with haircuts, do you?

By the way? I am still wearing the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that I put on this morning for my appointment. Hmmm...shoes and jeans that you can wear "right out of the box"? What is my world coming to? I even bothered to "accessorize" in a rather bohemian way...I put on one of the pendants I bought in Mexico that is the exact blue of the jeans. Looked rather nice with a grey tunic, if I do say so myself! A much more casual look than I am used to, but so comfy. I am beginning to understand why people don't dress the way they used to....It could be habit forming to wear jeans 24/7. Hush! Enough silly talk! I will never give up my lady duds. I quite like a bit of formality in my life!

They say that you only get old when you cease to try new things. My hairdresser was saying that many of her customers will not try something new, and if they do? They comb it the same old way! I have always hated the look of 'old'...like the forty year old women that wear their hair like they did in high school? What is with that? It is not attractive ladies!

So, every year or couple of years, I make an effort to switch things up a bit...to get with the current decade, at least! Unless you are in a care home? There is no reason to go back for the same style and colour time after time. There is no point changing your 'cool in the eighties' hairstyle to 'another style that was cool in the eighties'! This decade is almost over - let the metamorphosis begin!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hog heaven is where I am....

Tonight, I had two sandwiches for supper. Uh huh! Yes I did. Little bread, though! I tried this new loaf from Ener-G, that wasn't frozen, and it toasted up almost like real bread! So, with half a tomato, four slices of bacon and some Miracle Whip? I was well on the way to blissed out in minutes!

Today was our gluten free shopping day. What a pain. We travel across the city Meyers Drugs, where they have the most wonderful selection of goodies. They brought in a few new things, so of course, I nabbed them to try, as well as the standards I have come to know and love. Sugar & cinnamon sprinkled donuts anyone? I could almost pass these babies off as real, in dim light! LOL

So, that was my day. I haven't started my taxes, but I did make an appointment to get my hair done on Tuesday. I am leaving it to the last minute, but hopefully, it will turn out well. I want a new look, shorter, way shorter for summer. This bob business is a pain. I like the rumpled, tousled look even if I do have to wake up every morning and wash it!

Nothing else on my mind...I still haven't started my packing list for the next trip. It will be a long one, as we are in Regina for the bonspiel, then up to Thompson for a few days, without coming home. So, I will have to take every comfy traveling outfit I have...that is a lot of hours in the car. Speaking of which, we are really enjoying the new car. It has comfy, warm seats and back plus satellite radio for a trial period. That is nice when you are driving out in the boonies and can just get the fish report from northern Manitoba on the radio!

So goes life. Our big thrill for tonight is the movie Precious. I am almost afraid to watch it, as I have seen the excerpts on TV, and they are terrifying. I can better cope with a horror flick with plastic body parts that the horrible things people are capable of doing to their own children. But, onward and upward. If it doesn't kill you, you learn from it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures...at last!

These are the things I purchased while in Wichita and Omaha...my! Those chubby US ladies are spoiled for choice!

Finally, I have uploaded the pictures of my shopping trip, and the results of the final closet most recent efforts!I think I have cut down quite a bit, but I know there must be some things that slipped by me, because there really isn't a whole lot of room in there! So, here goes nothing!

Home from the west....

With another new pair of jeans in tow. I have no idea why I need all of these jeans when I usually pick one pair to wear to death, but they are out there, and they fit! These are "comfort fit" indigo jeans from Reitman's of all places. I haven't shopped there since I was a teenager...yes, the store did exist back then....

Anyway, I found all of the shirts far too short. The fit was nice otherwise, though. Very well designed for full figures. Just not long enough. While in Saskatoon I also found a red to orange tie died scarf made out of Tshirt material. Very cozy to wear on nice spring days with that puffy vest I bought on the Wichita trip.

It was so nice to come home to a neat and tidy closet! Unpacking was done quickly as I used packing cubes this time, and that kept the unworn garments fresh. Usually, if it was in the suitcase I would toss it in the wash, but this time? I didn't have to. Now, why I am excited about this is beyond me, but it is nice not having to wash every stitch when I get home!