Friday, November 30, 2012

Menu Plan November 28 to December 4

Wednesday November 28 

Tilapia fillets with roasted peppers, carrots, onions and mushrooms
Basmati Rice

Thursday November 29

Baked potato with cottage cheese

Friday November 30

Roast chicken 
Mashed potatoes
Peas & Carrots

Saturday December 1

Leftover chicken, potatoes and veg in fry pan
Side salad

Sunday  December 2

Pork Tenderloin with orange whiskey sauce
Roasted mushrooms, pepper, onion and celery

Monday December 3

Shrimp & Rice

Tuesday December 4

Mac & Cheese
Side salad

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Drum roll please.  Today I baked a loaf of gluten free bread that actually tastes good.

Now, you must realize by now, I am not a world class baker when using mixes. For some reason, I just can't handle simplified directions....I am always looking for more detail, a few more complications...basically, I think the simple instructions are a trick.  I know you have to alternate liquid with dry ingredients to get a good cake....and I am expected to just  dump and mix?  I can't believe it  is so simple.  I find myself reading, and rereading because I can not believe there is so little to do!  

ANYWAY, today, I bit the bullet and pulled out a gluten free bread mix. I tossed everything into the mix master, and let 'er rip for two minute, plopped the goo ball into a 'single noodle' sized lasagna dish, and covered with Saran to proof. 45 minutes later, it went into the oven and stayed there for another 40 minutes. At the end of it all, I had a great 'baguette-like' crusty bread!  I will definitely do this again. If I really let my imagination run, I could almost believe it was a yeasty, crusty baguette.  Of course, it is a difficult fantasy to maintain!  That makes two GF mix victories so far...first the muffins, and now the oh my.  I am becoming quite proficient in opening packages, adding eggs, milk and butter! 

Menu Plan November 2 to November 9

Friday: Costco rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes, carrots and peas, home made GF "gravy". Tossed salad.


  • Lunch: Chili with a light sprinkling of cheddar on top , GF toast
  • Supper: Chicken Sandwiches 
  • Baking: GF Baguette

Sunday: Home made GF pizza with pesto, ham, green pepper, onion  and pineapple chunks Side salad of course.
Monday: Salad with a side of avocado toast - drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with pepper flakes, hot chocolate for dessert

Tuesday: Home made soup,  GF oat crackers, cheese and pickles.

Wednesday: Roasted ham (freezer stash from a couple of weeks ago) served with hot mustard sauce, ginger carrots and baked potato - salad

Thursday:  Fridge pickin's

Friday: Dinner out