Saturday, October 31, 2009

As if you didn't know already,

I am not a saint. Tonight, Rick was making himself egg rolls for supper, and I stole them....yep. Just a little part of me was wanting everything to be alright with a little bit of gluten. After all, there is so little gluten in an egg roll wrap, right? Well, it is now two o'clock in the morning and I am finally getting over the initial wave of "sick" - another couple of days, and it should all be out of my system. Guess what I know now? I really have to leave everything with gluten alone. In my defense? This has been the first time in months that I have consciously eaten gluten. Just had to go there, didn't I?

Anyway, meals today were late, and a bit on the odd side. Breakfast was at lunch time, and we had eggs, and a toasted gluten free pizza crust with it.(these are small squares, not a humongous sized pizza crust!) It almost tasted like bread, too...but I am thinking that could have weakened me to fall for the egg rolls later on - the thin edge of the wedge.

Then came the munchies. Halloween bags of Lay's chips. Yep. Bags. Multiple, as in three. 280 calories there. Then, to top that off? Five Werther's candies. Then I smelled the egg rolls, and the rest is history. At about eleven PM, I had a bowl of soothing corn flakes and a cup of milk, as I needed to put something back into my stomach. So, I am not sure what the calorie count is for today...oddly enough? I think I am within the boundaries, but the lack of balanced nutrition is appalling. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Good grief! It is Thursday!

Actually, it is Friday, but I don't want to admit it! This cold has been with me forever it seems. Today though, I did manage to go shoppng for a few things to keep us going. After supper, I didn't even have the energy to clean up, so went down to my chair for an energizing snooze. Just woke up!

Breakfast/lunch: Bush's beans with one crackerbread with butter, a glass of skim milk
Supper: mashed potatoes, cottage cheese with cooked spinach and leftover carrots MMMMM good!
Snack: Lay's original potato chips and sparkly berries of the field water
snack: mandarin orange

I must admit that I enjoy eating cooked spinach for the simple reason that you can consume a lot more of the leafy wonder that, it just tastes wonderful!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday catch up!

We have had an easy weekend, with me going out as little as possible and resting. We did manage to take in a movie on Friday night though, and I quite enjoyed it. "The Ugly Truth" - a fluffy movie, but enjoyable. Loved the sound track.

I am trying to get rid of this rotten cold, and having no success it seems. I am getting a little more interested in my meals because for the first time today, I was able to actually smell a little....yesterday, I actually cooked a meal. Oven baked chicken thighs with sliced carrots and niblets corn. It was good, if I must say so myself, and well worth the effort. As with most of my recipes, it is a pinch of this and a squirt of that or "to taste" as the tv cooking show hosts would say. Basically, I brown the chicken pieces in the oven, drain away all of the fat, then add the glaze and finish the cooking. I always use a meat thermometer to prevent burnt offerings, but when the skin is crispy, and the smell is driving you out of your mind? It's ready! The glaze I am particularly fond of these days is a mixture of honey,a splash of soya sauce, curry & ginger powder, a squirt of hot sauce, a squirt of chili sauce and a bit of salt. It turns into a deliciously sticky chicken that is best eaten in the company of someone who has seen you at your messiest!

Breakfast/Lunch this morning: 1 serving of McCains fries, two eggs, three pieces of bacon ( the 40 cal per slice variety) and a glass of milk.

Supper will be warmed up chicken from yesterday, and a broccoli/cauliflower stir fry with brown basmati rice. I haven't tried the brown basmati before, but I am guessing it will be a bit more flavourful than the white basmati. And good for you too!

Snacks: veggies and dip, fruit

On Friday, we went to Sydney's for lunch, and I brought back the majority of my scallops in a doggy bag. The sides of asparagus, baby carrots and a potato dish were far too tempting, and they filled me up entirely! Anyway, the scallops were done in a (I do not know how to spell this word, so please read phonetically!) shey-swan sauce and served with orange slices. To reheat them, I cut each scallop into quarters, wrapped them in 1/2 slice of precooked bacon and heated in a hot oven for a couple of minutes. They were wonderful. What is with fancy restaurants that they like to give you fish half raw? I do not like translucent. I LIKE COOKED fish! Reheating them this way did not make them tough at all, so they were definitely underdone. Anyway, dipped in a half and half mixture of horseradish and ketchup, they made our supper. I enjoyed going to the restaurant though, as the aesthetics of the food on the plate are something that I really appreciate...however, when it comes to taste? I like my own cooking so much better! Every time I go to one of these fancy places? I wish the cook would have added a bit of this or left out a bit of that. This time? I had my usual treat of pickles for dessert, and with some pride the waiter set them down and said they were made in house. I am tempted to send them my recipe, which is so much tastier! Humble, aye?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A busy Wednesday

I actually managed to get some housekeeping done today. After a short nap, we were off to Costco where we bought too much! Ah, the Costco shopper's refrain. In keeping with the theme of excess for today, I had a veritably delightful day eating all sorts of goodies. Tomorrow, I will have to atone, but for today? I am just happy as a clam!

Meals today:

Breakfast was two eggs , 2/3 cup of breakfast potatoes (130 cals), three strips of bacon (120 cals) and a glass of orange juice.

Lupper: half a Wendy's Chili and a half order of fries
During show snack: contriband sour fuzzy peach gum drops - so much better than the mega snacks with gluten available there
After show Snack: 1 cup of bean and bacon soup (thank you Campbells for making it gluten free!) a serving of rice crackers and a glass of pink lemonade flavoured Crystal Light

Before bed snack: 10 animal crackers - 130 calories worth!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its one of those days....

when the last thing I want to do is eat. But, at around noon, I thought it might be prudent to tie on the feed bag. One omelet, a glass of milk and three strips of bacon later, I was full. Since it is a grey day, I made vegetable soup for our supper. It is so easy to make soup, that I often wonder why I buy canned soup...I guess some days finding twenty minutes to chop veggies is difficult! Anyway the soup is simmering and smells great. Here is the recipe...I have a big pot out of these sparse ingredients.

All veggies are nice little uniform squares, thanks to my Nicer Dicer!

In a pan, I melted 1 T of chicken fat (reserved from last roasted chicken)in which to saute:

2 stalks of celery
handful of baby carrots
1 1/2" thick slice of a large onion
handful of gluten free pasta
can of diced tomatoes
box of organic chicken stock
1 tsp of garlic (jar)
hot chili sauce, salt & pepper to taste

I think I will try making a few little dumplings out of my bread mix flour, to see if they just may work...this soup is a perfect base for dumplings, as the liquid will thicken and turn a lovely colour from the addition of flour. Or, perhaps I will add a little whipping cream to do the job! I am told that I used to make great fluffy dumplings but this will be a first GF attempt...just may turn into little goo balls with the special flour! Whatever. It is food, it is hot, and it is here!

*made the dumplings, and they were awful! Flat little soft things, not the puffy confections of days gone by..... If I try making them again, I will have to reduce the liquid to next to nothing. Of course, Rick ate them with gusto without complaint. Instead of eating the soup and dumplings, I made myself PBJ out of corn cakes. REALLY good with two glasses of skim milk! It reminded me of the number of times I would decline supper when I was a kid, and resort to a sandwich of my own making, rather than eat gruesome things like roast beef or steak.I never felt good eating things that didn't taste right...a real waste of calories at any age.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do I know how to be wild or what!

Smoked pork and apple sausages were the highlight of our supper, served with sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. They were pricey, coming in at 200 calories per link, but oh my! They were good.

Lunch consisted of raw veggies and dip, and a serving of animal crackers (130 calories of gluten free bliss!). I also took a swing at the gluten free Multigrain corn cakes I bought yesterday...mmmm good. With Cheez Whiz they were wonderful!

Breakfast was one third of a cup of breakfast potatoes, two eggs and skim milk.

Just thought I would mix things up a little and report supper first tonight!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Saturday night...

We went to the movies tonight. District 9. Very interesting, but too much shoot 'em up stuff...I tend to nod off during "action" scenes. Anyway, after the movie, we went to Safeway (talk about an exciting date night!) and I found they had gluten free animal crackers! Yep. Better than the real thing. They have a slight lemony taste. So far, I have eaten a camel, several lions and a bear cub for my before bed snack. You get 10 for 130 calories and it only took five to give me a "cookie fix"! I also picked up some corn cakes...multi-grain gluten free corn cakes. I am saving that tasting for breakfast tomorrow. Will be nice to have an egg and a bit of crunch with Cheez Whiz on it!

Supper wasn't something I dug out of the freezer after all. We went to Wendy's and ordered fries and a chili and a diet drink - Rick always asks for two 'potato' dishes, and then we put half the fries topped with half the chili onto each plate. It makes a really nice supper, and with a package of hot sauce? My sinuses received a welcomed cleaning out as well! I never seem to be able to finish my half, so that gives Rick a little extra, so it is an inexpensive, easy meal out. I honestly don't know what to do when I have to go to a restaurant and order for just myself. I quite like sharing, and you have to admit, it sure keeps the calories in line. I don't add them up daily, but I know if each meal comes in at 500 calories or less, the day is a success. The minimum number of calories I have been given is 2000, but that really is too much to show weight loss. So, some of my meals leave out a few calories here and there. Really, meals that consist of three dill pickles and a piece of cheese really don't amount to many calories, so I easily had enough left in my day to cover a half order of fries and half a cup of chili. Life is good.

An interesting note here..... I wasn't tempted for one minute to indulge at the candy counter tonight. The popcorn actually turns my stomach (remember the free popcorn incident a while back?) and I found the rustling of my fellow movie goers quite irritating! Eating and movie watching are officially divorced! Oh how nice it is to be so smug and superior!


It is pretty early in the day to write down the menu, so instead, I offer you my intentions:

Breakfast: 1 serving breakfast potatoes, two eggs, milk, ketchup
Lunch: two dill pickles and 20 gms edam cheese
Supper: sweet potato, meat of some sort - I will have to dig into the freezer to see what appeals - and broccoli
Snack: dill pickles

My other intention for the day, is to get this place cleaned up before the man returns. I like to give the impression I live like a civilized woman in his absense, but we all know that when the cat's away, it just isn't that important to pick up after yourself! So far, I have the bedding changed, and the dusting done in our room...the vacuum is sitting at the foot of the bed waiting to be pushed around. BUT I have to make breakfast first, and then hit the shower. There are a few necessities I can no longer live without, so I will make the supreme effort to go out of the house and down the street to the grocery store. Who knows what goodies just may jump into my basket there? Vitamin D tops the list, as they say that is a great preventative, and I can go days without seeing the sun. So, better get going before my good intentions turn into yet another nap!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday and here comes the weekend...

Things are looking up today. I actually managed to make a couple of meals, and although the kitchen is a disaster, that can be fixed, fifteen minutes at a time. Right now, the dishwasher is half emptied, and the dirty dishes are in the sink, so right after this post, I am going to put a few things away. Feeling a little better today, and actually felt hunger for the first time in quite awhile. Unfortunately, I still can't taste, but vinegar seems to come through loud and clear. Hence the unorthodox choice for lunch! Today's menu:

Mushroom 2 egg omlette with sprinkling of havarti cheese, milk and bacon

Lunch: three dill pickles
Supper: leftover carrot, broccoli, cauli stir fry and rice
Snack: 1/4 cup of rice with sugar and cinnamon
Snack: antipasto with seed crackers

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Another down day....mind you, I did feel like eating today for the first time in awhile....I even made myself a stir fry for supper.

Breakfast: home style potatoes (McCain - bless them!) two eggs, two slices of bacon and a glass of milk

Lunch: 1/3 cup of rice, stir fry of carrots, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli, with almonds sprinkled on top. NUM!

Supper: antipasto with crackerbread, water

Dairy milk chocolate bar for a snack. Yep. And it was good!

I honestly feel like I have eaten a ton of food today, but when I see it written down, it is well under the amount I am supposed to consume in a day. The fact is though, if you are in bed most of the day, you just don't burn the calories, so I am sure my body won't go into shock from not getting the required amount of fuel - although at rest, they say you burn by the pound! After I made the stir fry, I was exhausted. The dishes are still in the sink, and as far as I am concerned they can stay there till morning. By the way, I was three pounds lighter this morning, but that definitely is a fluke of nature. Like Arnold, the pounds will be baaack!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


And my meal maker is out of town...sigh. Work does get in the way of things around here! So, having to fend for myself, I had an egg and two strips of bacon for breakfast with milk, pea soup and milk for lunch, and popcorn twists for supper. Finally, that bag of nogood is gone, and I will return to my regular foods! My snack, which I am about to make, will be veggies and dip. With this cold, my taste buds have taken a vacation, and nothing really tastes like anything. But, the old blood sugars must be catered to, so I will do what I have to do...munch my way through some carrots, broccoli and cauliflower while I catch the latest goings on in the world on the tube!

Since I don't have a very exciting menu to report on today, I will happily tell you about my new haircare products. Ojon SWA. Wow. If you have the chance to try this system? Go for it, because it has to be the best hair care stuff I have ever used, bar none. I bought mine from TSC when it was the showstopper a couple of weeks ago. Well worth the postage!


a better day. Managed to get my hair done so I am not quite as frghtening!
Hubby took my car to have its snow tires installed, so I was left to my own lazy devices. My unorthodox menu follows:

Breakfast: eaten at noon, consisted of a banana (health first! LOL) 200 calories worth of popcorn twists and an icy glass of Chrystal light.

Lunch: See above!

Supper: a gorgeous steak, about 8 oz- soooo tender and tasty. Not a scrap of fat, either... and a bowl of tossed salad with 1 T Thousand Island dressing. Why does that stuff never taste as good at home? Could it be that the restaurants keep it at room temp? Of course, another glass of Chrystal light. Love that stuff!

Snack: 20 Skor Bites. Yep. I am an evil woman when I am sick.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another day in my exciting life...

Scared myself to death when I ran into the mirrors on my closet doors! White faced, frightening hair...will this cold never go away? Another day spent dozing in front of the TV catering to bodily functions when necessay, and doing little else!

Todays exciting menu:
Breakfast: Pancakes and milk
Lunch: popcorn and fizzy cherry water
Supper: baby potatoes and cottage cheese, raw veggies and dip
Snacks: oh dear....the Bridge Mix. I ate the rest of the Turkish delight, and polished off the raisins as well. I think that counts as a fruit choice, doesn't it?

I have no idea how many calories are in NeoCitran, but at this point, I really don't care. I need to sleep at night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Rick went out and bought one of the new "beeping" (as in it actually beeps...not an expletive deleted!) thermometers tonight, to check our temperatures. 98.2 for me and 98.3 for him, so we just have a rotten cold, not the flu! You just can't be too cautious these days. It used to be that you stuck a glass stick in your mouth, then squinted at it, turning it every which way, to get a reading. Now? You press a button, stick it under your tongue and wait till it beeps to tell you what your temp is! Amazing. The unnerving thing about this gadget is that it came with little tiny plastic sheaths as you can use it orally, rectally, or under your armpit. Now doesn't boggle your mind? Exactly for which application is the little baggie intended? We made a pact to only use it orally, for every one's peace of mind.

Actually, having a "flu kit" as a recent flyer pointed out, is a good idea. The thermometer was the only thing we didn't have, but goodness knows what the other items were. I just know we had them on hand...likely Tylenol, or something of that nature. We should have kept the flyer, as it was brief, and to the point. Regrettably forgettable though!

Breakfast: Chips and eggs, two slices of bacon and milk
Lunch: popcorn twists, cherry fizzy water
Supper: sliced black forest ham (four yummy slices were 100 calories), 1/2 cup of potato salad, 1/2 cup of bean salad, beet pickles and about eight Turkish delight pieces and six peanuts out of a bag of Bridge Mix.

I am sick. Give me a break! LOL

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Found some new snackage...

Old Dutch Popcorn Twists. They give you the taste of popcorn without the hulls that cause all sorts of grief to your digestive tract AND your teeth! I am definitely a salty snack person, and can take or leave the sweets...but GIVE ME MY SALTY SNACKS! One portion a day is about 120 calories, so it isn't a big deal. I can fit it in between all the good stuff quite easily, nutritionally void as it may be!

Menu for today:
Breakfast/lunch was pea soup, gluten free crackers; a glass of milk and a good munch of the veggie tray and dip. MMMM good.

Supper: Will likely be the remains of the pea soup and perhaps a cabbage roll or two...or three!

Having a cold really shuts down your appetite, which is a dangerous thing.

If I do not consume enough calories my body shuts down and refuses to budge the numbers on the scale. The full fat dip that came with the veggies is doing the trick because I woke up to a pound lost this morning. Eventually, the weight will go away and stay away, leaving me with a new benchmark number to hover around for the next few months! Up, down, up, down...I never know exactly what I will weigh and when, but I must satisfy myself that it is going down. At times it seems to have very little to do with consumption of calories, which is absolutely bizarre. The days I think I will show a gain? I don't. The days I think I should show a loss? I don't. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Other than the obvious, of course. No one can have pizza for supper one night and show a loss in the morning, gluten free or not! That stuff is bloat on the hoof!

Anyway, I continue the struggle, and wish with all my heart that I could be one of the miracle people that shed 100 pounds in a year. Just isn't happening for me that quickly. It almost makes me wish that I did have serious overeating would be so much easier to just stop eating excessive amounts or binging than having a system that makes me cling to every molecule that comes my way!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh happy day...

Just put a roaster full of cabbage rolls into the oven. I couldn't buy any bison yesterday, so I just used lean beef...the calorie and fat count will be higher so I used more rice and vegetables this time. The smell is just starting to waft through the house...mmmmm home!!!

This morning, hubby got ambitious and made gluten free pancakes for our combo lunch/ that was a taste sensation with ice cold milk! Lots of maple syrup, too. For supper, we will attack the cabbage rolls, and for snack we still have the major portion of the platter of veggies we bought at Costco yesterday. I am finding that tray is well worth it's price, as already it has provided one entire meal and the veggies for the cabbage stuffing - there is still a ton left, too.

There is my exciting menu for the day. Julia Child I am not!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another bug...

in our house...causing sore throats and general lethargy. I did manage to go to the dentist today for a cleaning, and then to Costco for an "egg run" - I must be sick....our bill was only seventy-five dollars, and that included a Fisher-Price petting zoo for our little darling! The problem lies in the antibiotics that I have to take prior to a dental apointment. Inevitably, I get sick very soon after. You can't win for losing, can you?

Meals today were simple, but tasty:

Breakfast: McCain's breakfast potatos (2/3 cup for 120 cal) two eggs and two pieces of bacon. Milk.

Lunch: we bought a veggie tray at Costco and dove into it when we got home! I didn't realize that Marzetti's dip was also included, so we totally enjoyed the munching.

Supper: 2/5 of a Freybe Farmer's sausage, 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes and 1/2 cup of creamed corn.

Snack: Hopefully, Rick will remember to bring this sicky wife of his a salty snack! Something resembling popcorn would be preferable! Salt and sugar are the universal healing foods in my books!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A quiet day....

spent watching daytime tv. Sometimes you just have to do that! I made a roasted chicken for supper, with baked yams and green peas. I thickened the pan juices with a bit of Celamix bread mix to make a gravy, and it was GOOD! We have a luncheon to go to tomorrow at noon, and I think, to be on the safe side, that I will take a bit of food with me, just in case. It seems that the least little thing really ties me in knots these days, so it is best to just avoid any chance of contamination, by sticking to the tried and true.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast/lunch combined: two egg omlette with a bit of Havarti (2 T tops) , two slices of bacon, V8 juice and an apple
Snack: Lay's plain potato chips
Supper: 2 oz of chicken breast, 1/2 cup of peas 1 baked sweet potato and about 2 tsp of butter, 12 oz of milk
Snack: had to have another salty snack. Now the chips are all gone, and I am seriously considering not even bringing them into the house again...however, this bag was about a month old, so maybe it isn't as much of a problem as I am thinking it is today! Chips just go with TV for me,an irresistable combination. After all, you need to consume potatoes to become the couch variety, right?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Playing hookey

this morning, since Thunder Bay water is still affecting the man! It is a grey day out there, so we are having a nice breakfast before we tackle the day. It was an eventful week for Rick, since he had his car broken into while away...the rear window was smashed but nothing was taken. This car can not go away fast enough to suit me. For the last few months this car has been a nightmare through no fault of its own, just age. Does that ring true for most of us, or what? LOL

So, this morning, we are having oven fries, eggs, bacon and coffee...and milk of course. That ought to get us up and running! I am still having a problem being interested in supper though...would rather just have fruit or a bit of cheese at night, and that is not working for my blood sugar. So, today, I am going to get a cabbage and make some cabbage rolls. They are quick to reheat out of the freezer...providing any get in there! And the bonus is that they make a nice light supper, that I actually would eat. Last night Rick heated up some egg rolls and had the good grace to take them to the family room to eat. My how I miss egg rolls! I should really learn to make them myself, but what a lot of fussing for one time. I am not so sure that the rice wraps would hold up too well to freezing, so I guess my best bet is to save myself for visits to Thai restaurants!

So, breakfast today is eggs, chips, bacon and milk
lunch - hmmmmmm? Although I do have some good pea soup at hand....

supper - double hmmmmmm????

Thursday, October 1, 2009


After a very busy week, I have learned something. Do not take food from anyone's plate! I begged a pickle from my friend yesterday, and didn't even think about it being in contact with her wrap, but yep. The proof was in the ...... fill in the blanks! When will I learn? We cut shopping short, and I came home to spend the rest of the day getting over the effects. So, that finished my week of adventure with a "blast"!

Today is another day. This morning I woke to the delivery of my new winter coat. I freeze in the winter, and a long, furry coat is a definite necessity. I was thrilled to find that this one fit, and was very, very long. A definite must have. Last year, my "warm" coat was just too big to wear, and I found myself staying home in the evenings to avoid chilling to the bone. Now all I need is an over the top silky scarf to complement the coat. Do not be alarmed if you see a rather large furry leopard in the snow this year. It is only me! By the way? If you are in need of a good fun fur, check out TSC for good buys on Olympia fun furs, quick, before they are all gone! I got mine for a little over half price. Sure can't beat that deal!

I haven't posted my menus lately because they have been tediously the same, day after day, and I thought I would bore you. Today though, Rick is coming home, so there will likely be something on the table at supper time.

Breakfast today was Superfries (McCain oven fries) and two eggs, lunch was a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. If left to my own devices, supper would likely be plums and strawberries. But, since we are doing the 'hail the conquoring hero' thing, I just might dig out the cornflakes and have a two course dinner for him - if he brings home some milk! Lately, I have lost all interest in supper. Breakfast, however, maintains its glory and is still my favourite meal of the day, I eat whatever I please, with no regrets! It really does see you through the day, both nutritionally and emotionally. Who wants to waste calories on silly supper things you don't even like, when there is bacon in the morning!