Saturday, October 17, 2009


It is pretty early in the day to write down the menu, so instead, I offer you my intentions:

Breakfast: 1 serving breakfast potatoes, two eggs, milk, ketchup
Lunch: two dill pickles and 20 gms edam cheese
Supper: sweet potato, meat of some sort - I will have to dig into the freezer to see what appeals - and broccoli
Snack: dill pickles

My other intention for the day, is to get this place cleaned up before the man returns. I like to give the impression I live like a civilized woman in his absense, but we all know that when the cat's away, it just isn't that important to pick up after yourself! So far, I have the bedding changed, and the dusting done in our room...the vacuum is sitting at the foot of the bed waiting to be pushed around. BUT I have to make breakfast first, and then hit the shower. There are a few necessities I can no longer live without, so I will make the supreme effort to go out of the house and down the street to the grocery store. Who knows what goodies just may jump into my basket there? Vitamin D tops the list, as they say that is a great preventative, and I can go days without seeing the sun. So, better get going before my good intentions turn into yet another nap!

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