Sunday, October 11, 2009


Rick went out and bought one of the new "beeping" (as in it actually beeps...not an expletive deleted!) thermometers tonight, to check our temperatures. 98.2 for me and 98.3 for him, so we just have a rotten cold, not the flu! You just can't be too cautious these days. It used to be that you stuck a glass stick in your mouth, then squinted at it, turning it every which way, to get a reading. Now? You press a button, stick it under your tongue and wait till it beeps to tell you what your temp is! Amazing. The unnerving thing about this gadget is that it came with little tiny plastic sheaths as you can use it orally, rectally, or under your armpit. Now doesn't boggle your mind? Exactly for which application is the little baggie intended? We made a pact to only use it orally, for every one's peace of mind.

Actually, having a "flu kit" as a recent flyer pointed out, is a good idea. The thermometer was the only thing we didn't have, but goodness knows what the other items were. I just know we had them on hand...likely Tylenol, or something of that nature. We should have kept the flyer, as it was brief, and to the point. Regrettably forgettable though!

Breakfast: Chips and eggs, two slices of bacon and milk
Lunch: popcorn twists, cherry fizzy water
Supper: sliced black forest ham (four yummy slices were 100 calories), 1/2 cup of potato salad, 1/2 cup of bean salad, beet pickles and about eight Turkish delight pieces and six peanuts out of a bag of Bridge Mix.

I am sick. Give me a break! LOL

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