Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its one of those days....

when the last thing I want to do is eat. But, at around noon, I thought it might be prudent to tie on the feed bag. One omelet, a glass of milk and three strips of bacon later, I was full. Since it is a grey day, I made vegetable soup for our supper. It is so easy to make soup, that I often wonder why I buy canned soup...I guess some days finding twenty minutes to chop veggies is difficult! Anyway the soup is simmering and smells great. Here is the recipe...I have a big pot out of these sparse ingredients.

All veggies are nice little uniform squares, thanks to my Nicer Dicer!

In a pan, I melted 1 T of chicken fat (reserved from last roasted chicken)in which to saute:

2 stalks of celery
handful of baby carrots
1 1/2" thick slice of a large onion
handful of gluten free pasta
can of diced tomatoes
box of organic chicken stock
1 tsp of garlic (jar)
hot chili sauce, salt & pepper to taste

I think I will try making a few little dumplings out of my bread mix flour, to see if they just may work...this soup is a perfect base for dumplings, as the liquid will thicken and turn a lovely colour from the addition of flour. Or, perhaps I will add a little whipping cream to do the job! I am told that I used to make great fluffy dumplings but this will be a first GF attempt...just may turn into little goo balls with the special flour! Whatever. It is food, it is hot, and it is here!

*made the dumplings, and they were awful! Flat little soft things, not the puffy confections of days gone by..... If I try making them again, I will have to reduce the liquid to next to nothing. Of course, Rick ate them with gusto without complaint. Instead of eating the soup and dumplings, I made myself PBJ out of corn cakes. REALLY good with two glasses of skim milk! It reminded me of the number of times I would decline supper when I was a kid, and resort to a sandwich of my own making, rather than eat gruesome things like roast beef or steak.I never felt good eating things that didn't taste right...a real waste of calories at any age.

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