Saturday, October 3, 2009

Playing hookey

this morning, since Thunder Bay water is still affecting the man! It is a grey day out there, so we are having a nice breakfast before we tackle the day. It was an eventful week for Rick, since he had his car broken into while away...the rear window was smashed but nothing was taken. This car can not go away fast enough to suit me. For the last few months this car has been a nightmare through no fault of its own, just age. Does that ring true for most of us, or what? LOL

So, this morning, we are having oven fries, eggs, bacon and coffee...and milk of course. That ought to get us up and running! I am still having a problem being interested in supper though...would rather just have fruit or a bit of cheese at night, and that is not working for my blood sugar. So, today, I am going to get a cabbage and make some cabbage rolls. They are quick to reheat out of the freezer...providing any get in there! And the bonus is that they make a nice light supper, that I actually would eat. Last night Rick heated up some egg rolls and had the good grace to take them to the family room to eat. My how I miss egg rolls! I should really learn to make them myself, but what a lot of fussing for one time. I am not so sure that the rice wraps would hold up too well to freezing, so I guess my best bet is to save myself for visits to Thai restaurants!

So, breakfast today is eggs, chips, bacon and milk
lunch - hmmmmmm? Although I do have some good pea soup at hand....

supper - double hmmmmmm????

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