Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A busy Wednesday

I actually managed to get some housekeeping done today. After a short nap, we were off to Costco where we bought too much! Ah, the Costco shopper's refrain. In keeping with the theme of excess for today, I had a veritably delightful day eating all sorts of goodies. Tomorrow, I will have to atone, but for today? I am just happy as a clam!

Meals today:

Breakfast was two eggs , 2/3 cup of breakfast potatoes (130 cals), three strips of bacon (120 cals) and a glass of orange juice.

Lupper: half a Wendy's Chili and a half order of fries
During show snack: contriband sour fuzzy peach gum drops - so much better than the mega snacks with gluten available there
After show Snack: 1 cup of bean and bacon soup (thank you Campbells for making it gluten free!) a serving of rice crackers and a glass of pink lemonade flavoured Crystal Light

Before bed snack: 10 animal crackers - 130 calories worth!

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