Saturday, October 31, 2009

As if you didn't know already,

I am not a saint. Tonight, Rick was making himself egg rolls for supper, and I stole them....yep. Just a little part of me was wanting everything to be alright with a little bit of gluten. After all, there is so little gluten in an egg roll wrap, right? Well, it is now two o'clock in the morning and I am finally getting over the initial wave of "sick" - another couple of days, and it should all be out of my system. Guess what I know now? I really have to leave everything with gluten alone. In my defense? This has been the first time in months that I have consciously eaten gluten. Just had to go there, didn't I?

Anyway, meals today were late, and a bit on the odd side. Breakfast was at lunch time, and we had eggs, and a toasted gluten free pizza crust with it.(these are small squares, not a humongous sized pizza crust!) It almost tasted like bread, too...but I am thinking that could have weakened me to fall for the egg rolls later on - the thin edge of the wedge.

Then came the munchies. Halloween bags of Lay's chips. Yep. Bags. Multiple, as in three. 280 calories there. Then, to top that off? Five Werther's candies. Then I smelled the egg rolls, and the rest is history. At about eleven PM, I had a bowl of soothing corn flakes and a cup of milk, as I needed to put something back into my stomach. So, I am not sure what the calorie count is for today...oddly enough? I think I am within the boundaries, but the lack of balanced nutrition is appalling. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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