Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday catch up!

We have had an easy weekend, with me going out as little as possible and resting. We did manage to take in a movie on Friday night though, and I quite enjoyed it. "The Ugly Truth" - a fluffy movie, but enjoyable. Loved the sound track.

I am trying to get rid of this rotten cold, and having no success it seems. I am getting a little more interested in my meals because for the first time today, I was able to actually smell a little....yesterday, I actually cooked a meal. Oven baked chicken thighs with sliced carrots and niblets corn. It was good, if I must say so myself, and well worth the effort. As with most of my recipes, it is a pinch of this and a squirt of that or "to taste" as the tv cooking show hosts would say. Basically, I brown the chicken pieces in the oven, drain away all of the fat, then add the glaze and finish the cooking. I always use a meat thermometer to prevent burnt offerings, but when the skin is crispy, and the smell is driving you out of your mind? It's ready! The glaze I am particularly fond of these days is a mixture of honey,a splash of soya sauce, curry & ginger powder, a squirt of hot sauce, a squirt of chili sauce and a bit of salt. It turns into a deliciously sticky chicken that is best eaten in the company of someone who has seen you at your messiest!

Breakfast/Lunch this morning: 1 serving of McCains fries, two eggs, three pieces of bacon ( the 40 cal per slice variety) and a glass of milk.

Supper will be warmed up chicken from yesterday, and a broccoli/cauliflower stir fry with brown basmati rice. I haven't tried the brown basmati before, but I am guessing it will be a bit more flavourful than the white basmati. And good for you too!

Snacks: veggies and dip, fruit

On Friday, we went to Sydney's for lunch, and I brought back the majority of my scallops in a doggy bag. The sides of asparagus, baby carrots and a potato dish were far too tempting, and they filled me up entirely! Anyway, the scallops were done in a (I do not know how to spell this word, so please read phonetically!) shey-swan sauce and served with orange slices. To reheat them, I cut each scallop into quarters, wrapped them in 1/2 slice of precooked bacon and heated in a hot oven for a couple of minutes. They were wonderful. What is with fancy restaurants that they like to give you fish half raw? I do not like translucent. I LIKE COOKED fish! Reheating them this way did not make them tough at all, so they were definitely underdone. Anyway, dipped in a half and half mixture of horseradish and ketchup, they made our supper. I enjoyed going to the restaurant though, as the aesthetics of the food on the plate are something that I really appreciate...however, when it comes to taste? I like my own cooking so much better! Every time I go to one of these fancy places? I wish the cook would have added a bit of this or left out a bit of that. This time? I had my usual treat of pickles for dessert, and with some pride the waiter set them down and said they were made in house. I am tempted to send them my recipe, which is so much tastier! Humble, aye?

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