Wednesday, October 14, 2009


a better day. Managed to get my hair done so I am not quite as frghtening!
Hubby took my car to have its snow tires installed, so I was left to my own lazy devices. My unorthodox menu follows:

Breakfast: eaten at noon, consisted of a banana (health first! LOL) 200 calories worth of popcorn twists and an icy glass of Chrystal light.

Lunch: See above!

Supper: a gorgeous steak, about 8 oz- soooo tender and tasty. Not a scrap of fat, either... and a bowl of tossed salad with 1 T Thousand Island dressing. Why does that stuff never taste as good at home? Could it be that the restaurants keep it at room temp? Of course, another glass of Chrystal light. Love that stuff!

Snack: 20 Skor Bites. Yep. I am an evil woman when I am sick.

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