Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Saturday

This morning we went out in the ministry, then moved on to buy a couple of sports jackets for the man...we found nice light windowpane beige/ivory one, and a really gorgeous grey corduroy one for casual wear in the winter. The man is lookin' good....especially with his fifty dollars worth of new socks! When did socks get so darned expensive? HOWEVER it has been such a struggle to get him to release the old worn out ones that the socks really are trophies! I made sure that he didn't cop out and just buy six pairs of black, which is a nightmare for me to sort after they go through the wash. These have nice patterns that are very recognizable!

Well, after we finished at Moores, we dropped in on a good friend, then home to change for our trek to Costco. It is bonus time, so for once we came out of there with a small profit but a profit none the less. Now that is noteworthy! Their produce is so good that I am hard pressed to buy elsewhere. I also stocked up on GF muffin mix at Sobey's, and bought some more gluten free hamburger buns. Whew!

Having had such a grueling day, we went to A&W for a huge frosty mug of diet root beer and a regular order of fries at about six, and so far, so good. If I don't react quickly, I usually don't react at all, so that is a good thing. You just never know if the deep fryer is contaminated or not. So, now I have one more fast food item that has been proven "safe". After I hit the POST button, I am off to the bath to study for tomorrow. Not a small feat, as my eyes are driving me wild. So dry and itchy. Wish people wouldn't burn off their fields, because the smoke just is so irritating. I can barely keep my eyes open - they just want to shut on me! ANYWAY we had a good day.

Breakfast, because we were running late, was simple. A can of beans split two ways. Of course, the man had two tortillas and butter, and a big glass of juice, but little Miss Purity here, had just the beans, and a glass of water. That nourishment lasted till about 2:30, when we made it home to change clothing and make a lunch...Nachos! Yum. Of course, the man ate twice the portion. It kills me you know. And HE is the one that will lose weight. I kept to the regulation 19 taco chips, 1/3cup of shredded cheese, and lots of salsa. We had that flavoured water from Superstore ANYWAY supper was the half order of fries and half of a humungous diet root beer from A&W. , I think I will complete the pattern of inadequate nutrition and have a toasted hamburger bun, or maybe? An olive and liver sausage sandwich...mmmm yummy! It is so much easier to make sure that each meal you have is about four hundred calories...although, a couple of my meals didn't make that many calories today. Maybe that will buy me a nutritional bed time snacklike an orange!

Friday, November 27, 2009


This morning, or rather this afternoon, I had a mushroom omelette with antipasto for breakfast. It was an interesting combination! I have noticed a drop in my sugars in the morning the last two days...a very good thing. I am doing all I can to put off taking insulin, and against all odds? It seemed to have dropped after an indulgence with the gluten free muffins I had for supper last night. Go figure. You watch every crumb, then do something you think will work against you? And it turns out exactly the opposite. But I must say, 4.9 is just perfect in the morning, even though my morning was at noon because I stayed up late last night! The meal plan for today depends entirely on me getting to the store. It really is ridiculous - the store is a few blocks away, but it is so nice and warm here at home! I am getting chilled to the bone this year, and the snow isn't even here yet! Thank goodness I was able to find a nice big long coat! It will actually be a pleasure to go out in the first snowfall!

The days are so short, the darkness comes far to soon, and the morning sun comes far too late. I think it is a common reaction to hibernate!

No splurges to report...I await the parcels from the last mega session!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This morning, I didn't get around to eating until just before lunch time, at which point I was really hungry. So, I made a small potato into pan fries, with two eggs and four (YEP. I am shameless) pieces of bacon. MMMM good. I didn't have my usual glass of skim milk though, as I have run out and Rick isn't here to fetch some! Heaven forbid that I go to the store and buy some. That was breakfast. I just finished my lunch, or rather, I couldn't finish my lunch. I made guacamole and twenty taco chips...couldn't finish it all. Just had enough. So, in the garbage half of it goes, because this stuff just isn't good saved. Lesson to be learned is never prepare this for one! Here is the recipe that I really like for guacamole.

1 very ripe avocado
heaping tablespoon of salsa or finely chopped tomatoes...I prefer the tomatoes.
heaping teaspoon of salsa verde add a little more if you like zing
juice of one lemon

That's it! Mash all together, then crumble in some Feta cheese. Serve with chips or soft tacos. MMM good!

By the way? All my Mexico weight is now fact? I am .2 lbs lighter than before the trip! Whoo hoo! A two week turnaround time!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Company for lunch..

meant that I actually had to cook something. So, out came the quinoa that I made yesterday (curry, carrots, raisins and orange juice added) to serve with fish in chili sauce and roasted peppers and mushrooms. Gluten free muffin for dessert.

Supper? Two bags of lays chips - 90 calorie variety, so I really have to forage forsomething to eat before bed.

Breakfast was a two egg omelet with 90 calories of cheese and salsa verde, and a scoop of antipasto. Does that make a "fusion" meal? It sure was good!

I wore my new black shoes all day today and what a treat not to have to suffer through the "stretching" period. Online shoe shopping is the bomb! This is what I ordered from a different company:

Finally! Shoes for my big feet that aren't boring!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kinnikinick Hamburger Buns

I have been just dying for something "bready" for weeks, and yesterday? I stopped into our local Sobeys...the one I don't usually frequent because it is horrible. Anyway, it was a brand new store! Totally redone, and restocked with guess what? GLUTEN FREE STUFF EVERYWHERE! I found the Kinni hamburger buns in the freezer section and was I happy! No more orders necessary from Alberta. I can just skip over to Sobeys and there they are! So, needless to say? I scratched the itch yesterday, and had two buns for lunch and two for supper. I polished off the last one this morning for breakfast. I must say that the bun I ate for supper did have pate and olives on it, so it was sort of a balanced meal! Who cares. I am happy!

So, my new shoes came yesterday. I turned into an ordering fiend after our holiday...sort of got out of control for a minute there! I ordered from new places, and I must say that is amazing. I ordered two pairs of shoes on Nov. 18, and they arrived last night at about eight o'clock. The black snakeskin ones are sooo soft! They aren't a true black, but have sort of a soft taupey green in them as well....very smart. Both pair fit right out of the box! The width is perfect and they just need a little walking in before they are need to get the "bends" in place to make any shoe really comfy! I only hope that the bathing suits I ordered are as nice.

In view of getting ready for the cruise in January, I found two new evening dresses in my closet with the tags still attached. One dress is perfect, and will do for both formal evenings. One night I will wear it as is, and the next night I will wear it with this coverup, in black. As you can see? It is a phenomenal bargain to boot. The lace is so soft and pretty, and for once? the thing is long enough!

Shopping online is so much easier! I am tired of spending my vacations shopping, now that I know how to relax in the sunshine! So far of all the things I have ordered this time? I am hitting three out of three. I guess that is what happens when you really consider exactly what you need, and then search for exactly what fills the bill, rather than buying something close from what is available in the stores and then hating it!

Breakfast: toasted kinni bun with butter, fizzy water
Lunch: what lunch? The buns are all gone!
Supper: will fill in after I eat it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

SHOPPING is an armchair artform!

I have missed quite a few postings, but the basic menu plan around here is very simple. I am trying to recapture Mexico in the kitchen. I have gone through a bag of avocados and a flat of tomatoes this week, preferring that to the meat & spuds that I have offered up to hubby...the food is the closest I will get to seashore and sunshine in landlocked Manitoba!

Breakfast is simpler than ever. I really enjoy the Mexican way of making an omelet, and doubt that I will go back to the classic French style again. The method is so simple. Whisk two eggs in a bowl, put in a tablespoon of shredded cheese, pour it into the pan. When the edges curl, and the omelet is cooked through? Gently roll in off the pan onto your plate, top with green sauce, finely diced tomatoes and a few more shreds of cheese, or crumbled Feta. Salt and pepper at the table. That's it. MMMM good!

This morning, hubby made eggs and chips with bacon for breakfast. Not very appealing because he didn't think to taste the oven fries...just put them in for 18 minutes. It should have been for 22. Not crunchy enough for, I picked out the good bits, and left the rest. Supper for hubby was leftover chicken, rice and carrots...I had guacamole and a quesadilla since I actually got around to making my own tortillas today. They are really more like pancakes in consistency, but hey, they don't make me sick! So tonight, I ate the closest thing I have had to a sandwich since May! Gluten free bread is disgusting but tortillas made completely with corn flour? Tasty, tasty! All in all, supper was about 2/3 of a cup of mashed avocado, about four little tomatoes, two 5"tortillas with 1/3 cup of shredded cheese and the juice of half a lemon. MMM good! And of course the obligatory green tomatilla sauce. I think I am almost ready to let go of the Mexican theme here....mainly because there is only one more avocado left and just enough tiny limes to keep my gin bottle happy, should they ever meet.

I am happy to report that I have lost at least five pounds of travel weight. Thank goodness! But I am still up three pounds. A week of no man in the house ought to fix that little problem!

As for milestones? I took my measurements, and it is no wonder that I have been returning so many purchases lately. I have completely crossed over the line into a different size. It is a big deal, because the difference between plus sizes isn't a paltry inch or even two. There is a good six inches difference in the size charts, since they are grouped 22/24 under a 2X and 26/28 under the 3X. The reason for the measuring, was my quest for a new swim suit. I have a "swim dress" in bright happy colours that works just fine, but I really need "one on, one drying". So, I found this place in the US that will send to Canada....then, since hubby's bathing suit is looking a little worse for wear? I ordered a couple of suits and a pair of micro fibre pants for him.....yesterday, I ordered a capsule Lilly & Van wardrobe for the cruise - a skort/short combo that seperates, two tank tops, a jacket and a swing coat and a few dresses....not the whole wardrobe that I need, after all, I do have a pair of white comfy shorts and a pair of Capri's already! Did I mention shoes? ...four pairs of sandals. I even found one pair of pink ones! They are sooo cute, dare I hope they are comfy?

Here are the new and old favourite sites that have captured my fancy and my pursey; for the Lilly & Van cotton play clothes, dressy skirt and cami, floral sundress and LBD for white Sofft sandals, dressier Trotters black snake sandals for a black lace shrug for great selection of bathing suits, one black and one knock your eyes out neon blue, pink and white print - I figure if I confuse everyone's vision with the glare, they won't even notice my belly! And I can always cover up with my bright orange pareo! LOL Besides, this is the new affirmation. "I am going to be sixty and I accept my present self to live my present life" for pants and swim trunks for Rick. The micro fibre pants will be hemmed with a cuff to order without any extra charge. Can you believe that one? Where are free alterations for women???? It is impossible to find a dress store with an on staff seamstress these days, let alone one that will hem pants for FREE! Men have it sooooo easy. Packing for him, will be so easy - I don't even have to write down the list. This is it. Tan, navy and white are the three core colours. One pair of tan dress slacks with a navy blazer, one black suit with three shirt/tie combinations. Two pairs of shorts and four colourful t-shirts, a couple of polo shirts. Underwear, two swimsuits, extra man panties and sox and a pair of dress shoes. That is it. Toiletries that fit in one little quart bag, and he is done. Life is just not fair. Not to mention that he doesn't have to haul a curling iron or makeup, jewellery or wraps. His "cover up" for the pool will be the souvenir t-shirt that he buys on board. If only women's packing was that easy! Do we complicate things too much? I think I do.

I have been doing a lot of research about packing these days. I thought I took just the bare essentials to Mexico, but turns out that I didn't really need that much after all. Especially the accessories. I bought a ton of silver there, and only wore two of the necklaces that I brought. I wore all of it, but just to say I did! I honestly didn't need it. The most interesting article said you could travel for two weeks with 8 to 10 pieces of clothing. Now that I would like to see! A Baltic cruise would be easier to pack for, because with the cooler weather, a pair of jeans would see a lot of days. Anyway, we have these neat little clam shell Heys suitcases for carry-ons, and I would like to take the majority of my clothing on board...losing my luggage once was enough to make me steer clear of checking it through. With a good size tote to hold the unwrinkleables and my toiletries, this little gem just might work. I have a pretty good chance of getting most of my absolutely necessary wardrobe there at the same time as me!

Something tells me there will be a good deal of time spent rambling about packing over the next eight weeks, so maybe I should apologize now?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh boy...

stepped on the scales this morning, and let's just count that five pounds as water weight, okay? And after I had JUST pared it down, too. Sigh. Ah well. Live another day.

So here is today's menu plan:
Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 egg white omelet with 1 oz of cheese, 1 glass of skim milk
Lunch:baked sweet potato, 2 tsp butter
Supper: 2 chicken thighs with honey and curry, "fried" rice and carrots
Snack: oranges

I have a new love. Salsa Verde. It is basically a green tomato relish with chilies but man! Does it ever pack a punch on a simple egg, or bit of rice. At virtually no calories too, perhaps 15 per T and if you can eat 1 T? I bet the heat will melt the fat right offa ya! There is something new that we bring back from every adventure in life, isn't there?

The cold here is going right to the bone now...perhaps it is this stupid cold that I can't shake. It is back with a vengeance now. I did purchase mega strengh vitamin D capsules on the weekend, and those chewable vitamin C's. Hopefully that will give my immune system a boot in the backside, and get it going.

Today, I will be in the laundry room, catching up with all the problematic stains of life. Tide has a new stain remover out that I am going to try...that makes doing laundry into an experiment of sorts, doesn't it?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

News flash....

At the ripe old age of fifty-nine, I have discovered the joy of basking in the sun.

My skin is old, so what on earth do I have to lose? I am actually a shade or two darker. Unbelievable. And WHAT a week we have had! We totally enjoyed our time in the warm sunshine and being waited on hand and foot! Puerto Vallarta is everything and more than people tell you it is. A total delight. Friendly, safe...I left my purse on the lounge chair at the beach when we went swimming or to the restaurant. Could you do that here in Winnipeg? I doubt it. It really felt we were staying at someone's home, rather than a hotel, since the staff was so courteous and kind. I have never seen such hard working people. You couldn't turn your head without seeing someone scrubbing something! Everything was so clean and fresh all the time. Not a pin out of place.

We spent the majority of our time under the shade of palm trees or a talapa (not sure of the spelling...basically a thatched roof that provided perfect shade)by the ocean...venturing away from sea and sand only long enough to go up to the restaurant for lunch, or take a dip in the infinity pool to cool down a bit.

I definitely overpacked, and did not need the stuff I thought I did! Guess that is what happens when you spend nine hours in your swim suit, hey? Next time we go, and yes I assure you that there is definitely going to be a next time, I have made a note to only pack a couple of sundresses, one pair of shorts, one pair of capri's, four tee shirts and two pairs of shoes and call it a day. Of course the mandatory bathing suits and pareos are a given, since that is what I lived in for the best days. I definitely need another bathing suit to have a nice dry one to put on while the other dries completely. That will not be an easy task by any means.

The joy of this vacation was being able to totally relax and enjoy without worrying about what I was going to wear, or what to rush off to do next to "fit it all in". We were there strictly for the rest. We did spend one day on a "City Jungle Tour" - including the obligatory stop at a tequila factory for an educational interlude and a drop or two of the elixir! We also spent one morning shopping at the Mexican version of Wal-Mart - Soriana's. I have the spices and salsa verde to prove it! I did manage to burn up quite a little cash in the hotel at a jewellery booth...I do have such a soft spot for a bit of bling! And there were such beautiful stones in simple settings that I just could not say no to them!

The food was interesting. I had basically the same thing every day. A two egg omlette topped with salsa verde, and a mexican crumbly cheese that reminded me of very dry feta and daintily chopped tomatoes. Lunch was quacamole and yes, soft tacos. They were made from 100% corn flour and were delish! Closest thing I have had to bread in a long time! Supper was always plain grilled fish, with rice that came in a different flavour every nigh and vegetables. Sometimes I would spoil myself and have a bowl of jello with a good dollop of creamy rice pudding. MMMM good. The downside was that although a good swig of gin and lemonade doesn't contain gluten, it sure has calories! Better to have loved then lose - isn't that the expression? And I definitely have a few to lose now!

What I ate:
Breakfast: omlet with salsa verde, 2 T cheese, 1/2 tsp butter, 1 glass of orange juice
Lunch: refried beans mixed with regular beans, 1 cup - taco chips (I am having a bit of trouble with separating from my holiday!)
Supper: grilled fish, 1/2 cup of basmati rice, 2 T refried bean mix from supper, 1/2 cup of green peas - squirt of lime over the fish mmmm good! Very light sprinkling of salt over fish.

Snack: kettle corn....270 calories for six cups. Isn't it roughage?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pedicure at two....

And I have my packing list finished - all I have to do, is put it all into my suitcase and forget about it!

This is what I am taking, if you care to see, and if you promise to forgive my messy room! I am in the middle of packing, you know!

Hubby took it upon himself to make breakfast this many potatoes, too much onion powder on the eggs, and too much bacon. So, I picked out what I thought would be the equivalent of an egg, and one serving of potatoes, and ate all of the bacon! Yep. Three slices, and I am not sorry...nor am I hungry! So, I will jaunt off to my pedicure, and forget about it!

Supper will be steak and salad because Pete is coming in today at about five. He is going to drive us to the airport in the morning, so we won't have that headache to bother with....I can wear a nice warm coat and send it home with him!

I won't be posting for a week, so here is my plan. I am going to have my usual breakfast minus the milk, but with the addition of fruit. Lunch will be a portion of protein and a salad, snacks will be taco chips and guacamole...mmmmmm...and supper will be protein (fish if I can get it) and vegetables. Hopefully, that won't add weight, although I am allowing for a couple of drinks at night time. Hard liquor is so much easier on my system than wine, but I will have to watch the mixes! is the mix that will kill ya!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Still not on the ball with packing. Panic is beginning to set in! To my credit though, I do have the money sorted, the passports set aside, the tickets printed, and my camera charged. Now all I need to do, is select the outfits I will need, and the suitcase I will need to carry them in. I haven't decided on a purse yet, or shoes. I guess I will figure that out after I choose the outfits. I want to keep things really simple this time, and not over pack, but in the heat, you just feel so wilted all of the time! It is nice to have fresh outfits to put on.

I have made a deal with myself to forgive my arms, and let myself breath in sleeveless outfits. I don't want to bundle up and hide anymore. My arms do go with the rest of my body! My limbs are a matched set. And after all is said and done? I think I have earned the right to a little comfort through overexposure! Besides, there is a part of me that says I will likely never see these people again, so who cares? I am sure they will not use my upper arm condition to bookmark their holiday memories. "Sure, Maudie, I remember. It was right THERE that that large Canadian woman waved her arms and there was a huge traffic accident because the drivers all went blind....". How often do we limit our experiences to what others may think, when really? They won't give us a second thought? So, I am going to fly under the radar and be a rebel while we are away! We are so looking forward to this vacation!

Breakfast: egg, breakfast potatoes, bacon and skim milk
Lunch: mandarin orange hmmm it is three now, better get that down me before supper time arrives!
Supper: left over carrots and peas, baby potatoes from our dinner last night.

***good news this morning. Went to the eye guy, and there isn't even a trace of diabetes in my eyes... what I mean to say, my sugars are under really good control and there is NO TRACE of hemorrhages anymore!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hair today, toes on Friday!

In three short days, I will be sitting in Mexico, watching the world go by!

Time has just slipped away. I have yet to churn out a packing list, but I do have a hair appointment in half an hour. I remember dreading going to the hair stylist when I was young...remember when a split end was the end? Keeping my hair long and smooth was a headache...wind would whip it into a split frenzy in no time, and the conditioners we have now were none existent then. Well, things aren't much better these days. The only difference is that you pay so much more for the shock!

Breakfast: eggs, McCain's breakfast potatoes, bacon, skim milk
Lunch: who could eat lunch after all that?
Supper: baked cod, with a cream curry sauce, baby potatoes and peas & carrots. Tiger tiger ice cream for dessert. MMMMM good!
Snacks: popcorn thingy's in a bag
* haircut went well...I have now have a visible neck!Ah, the things that can be accomplished if you are willing to part with copious amounts of money!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time to make lists!

We are leaving early Saturday morning, and I am still in the thinking stages of packing! I did make headway though, and managed to book a hair appointment for Wednesday and a pedicure for Friday. Always nice to have the feet in tip top shape when you plan on spending a good deal of time looking at them! (earthy little chuckle here!) I also had the man pick up our US cash for tips, and found our passports. Getting these little things done well in advance does make life a lot smoother! I use the top of my bedroom dresser for a "gathering place", so these little things will not get left behind. I am presently charging my camera. And, I have streamlined my cosmetic bag and toiletries, so that is pretty well thought out as well...even the SPF30 is ready and waiting! This vacation is so easy to pack for, since there are no obligatory banquets or parties...we have chosen to abandon the super dressy clothes which really brings packing to a minimum. Basically, we need seven outfits for day, and seven for night. Since it will be relatively casual, the things I wear in the evening, can be worn again for a day outfit. I see very light suitcases in my future, since I am going to keep shoes to a minimum a well. A couple of pairs of sandals ought to do it. And I am opting for a nice fresh short haircut, which means styling gizmos and gadgets will not be necessary either! I can hardly wait!

As for the menu today? It started with a mushroom and cheese omelet with skim milk for breakfast, a toasted gluten free hamburger bun with butter for lunch and a bowl of popcorn for a snack. So far, so good, but I am still full, so I tossed leftover shepherd's pie at the man (not literally, folks) and will find something to snack on later. We are going to watch V you remember that one from years ago?

So, there you have it. My exciting life!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pork tenderloin and brown basmati rice

will be our supper tonight. This morning, since we were out of eggs, I warmed up some cabbage rolls for breakfast. Of course, breakfast was at ten in the morning, but it seems to me that cabbage rolls must be as good as eggs in the morning! For "dessert" I had a small bowl of gluten free corn flakes with a glass of milk. It is almost four now, and I am still full. The thing about eating a good breakfast, is that it not only gets your motor started, it keeps it going throughout the day. So far, I have had one drop in guest and talked on the phone for over an hour with my dear, dear daughter-in-law, well, really it is more like two, but I don't want to admit that we can waste that much time! It is fun to hear about all the goings on with the little one - she will be a year old on November 8. The time is going by far too fast.

So, my plan for the day consists of getting to the grocery store for eggs and milk, and little else. I have to start making a packing list for our vacation. With one thing and another, it will be no time at all until we are slogging our way to the airport at five in the morning! We have been looking forward to a week away, to spend in the sun doing nothing ...with the weather being what it was here? There were not too many sunny days at all, and if there were? We were out of town, someplace where it was foul weather! I am definitely not a sun bunny at all, but there is something to be said for sitting on a beach by the ocean with a good man, a good book, a bottomless beverage, a big shade umbrella and a slathering of SPF30 - not necessarily listed in order of preference!

Breakfast: Two bison cabbage rolls, a glass of skim milk, 1 cup of corn flakes
Lunch: 1/4 cup of orange juice mixed with tonic water
Supper: 3 oz pork tenderloin, 1/2 cup of basmati rice, stir fried red peppers, onions and mushrooms

Snack: Mandarin oranges

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shepherd's Pie

Today I made good use of last night's leftover potatoes for our supper. Modifying recipes to suit a low calorie, low fat, no gluten diet is a bit of a challenge, but this is made and waiting in the refrigerator to warm up for supper. I apologize for the lack of measurements, but every time I make this? It turns out pretty much the same, no matter what the proportions. I just love no brainers!

The original recipe called for a full block of cream cheese, but unless you are feeding eight people? Can you really justify adding a whole block of cream cheese to anything in good conscience? On a chilly fall day, it is good to have a comfort food like dear old mom used to make. There are three of us for supper tonight, so I imagine there will be a good amount leftover for the freezer.

Topping for pie:

Leftover mashed potatoes whipped with
one egg and
a half block of cream cheese
chives to taste
garlic powder to taste

ground bison
diced onion
Worchestershire sauce
salt & pepper to taste
baby carrots cut into rounds
frozen peas
celery cut into fine slices

Saute the onions, add ground bison. Brown well,adding veggies in stages, cooking until tender. (carrots, peas, celery) Season, and place into casserole. Layer with a can of creamed corn, then the potato mixture. Brush the top with melted butter, and make a design on the top, much like icing a cake. Place in 375ยบ oven and bake until done.

The exact number of calories or grams of fat this has depends on the amounts you use, and the size of portion, but a reasonable portion has every food group and a modest amount of fat. But one thing for sure is that it doesn't have a scrap of gluten! I am going to serve it with a hefty side salad, lightly dressed, a generous serving of green beans on the side. Visually, when I fill my plate, I divide it into quarters. 3/4's will be veggies and 1/4 will be protein.

Breakfast this morning was a serving of low fat oven fries, two eggs, two slices of bacon and a glass of skim milk. Well, that was lunch, too! And after this supper, I doubt very much there will be room for a snack.