Sunday, November 15, 2009

News flash....

At the ripe old age of fifty-nine, I have discovered the joy of basking in the sun.

My skin is old, so what on earth do I have to lose? I am actually a shade or two darker. Unbelievable. And WHAT a week we have had! We totally enjoyed our time in the warm sunshine and being waited on hand and foot! Puerto Vallarta is everything and more than people tell you it is. A total delight. Friendly, safe...I left my purse on the lounge chair at the beach when we went swimming or to the restaurant. Could you do that here in Winnipeg? I doubt it. It really felt we were staying at someone's home, rather than a hotel, since the staff was so courteous and kind. I have never seen such hard working people. You couldn't turn your head without seeing someone scrubbing something! Everything was so clean and fresh all the time. Not a pin out of place.

We spent the majority of our time under the shade of palm trees or a talapa (not sure of the spelling...basically a thatched roof that provided perfect shade)by the ocean...venturing away from sea and sand only long enough to go up to the restaurant for lunch, or take a dip in the infinity pool to cool down a bit.

I definitely overpacked, and did not need the stuff I thought I did! Guess that is what happens when you spend nine hours in your swim suit, hey? Next time we go, and yes I assure you that there is definitely going to be a next time, I have made a note to only pack a couple of sundresses, one pair of shorts, one pair of capri's, four tee shirts and two pairs of shoes and call it a day. Of course the mandatory bathing suits and pareos are a given, since that is what I lived in for the best days. I definitely need another bathing suit to have a nice dry one to put on while the other dries completely. That will not be an easy task by any means.

The joy of this vacation was being able to totally relax and enjoy without worrying about what I was going to wear, or what to rush off to do next to "fit it all in". We were there strictly for the rest. We did spend one day on a "City Jungle Tour" - including the obligatory stop at a tequila factory for an educational interlude and a drop or two of the elixir! We also spent one morning shopping at the Mexican version of Wal-Mart - Soriana's. I have the spices and salsa verde to prove it! I did manage to burn up quite a little cash in the hotel at a jewellery booth...I do have such a soft spot for a bit of bling! And there were such beautiful stones in simple settings that I just could not say no to them!

The food was interesting. I had basically the same thing every day. A two egg omlette topped with salsa verde, and a mexican crumbly cheese that reminded me of very dry feta and daintily chopped tomatoes. Lunch was quacamole and yes, soft tacos. They were made from 100% corn flour and were delish! Closest thing I have had to bread in a long time! Supper was always plain grilled fish, with rice that came in a different flavour every nigh and vegetables. Sometimes I would spoil myself and have a bowl of jello with a good dollop of creamy rice pudding. MMMM good. The downside was that although a good swig of gin and lemonade doesn't contain gluten, it sure has calories! Better to have loved then lose - isn't that the expression? And I definitely have a few to lose now!

What I ate:
Breakfast: omlet with salsa verde, 2 T cheese, 1/2 tsp butter, 1 glass of orange juice
Lunch: refried beans mixed with regular beans, 1 cup - taco chips (I am having a bit of trouble with separating from my holiday!)
Supper: grilled fish, 1/2 cup of basmati rice, 2 T refried bean mix from supper, 1/2 cup of green peas - squirt of lime over the fish mmmm good! Very light sprinkling of salt over fish.

Snack: kettle corn....270 calories for six cups. Isn't it roughage?

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