Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time to make lists!

We are leaving early Saturday morning, and I am still in the thinking stages of packing! I did make headway though, and managed to book a hair appointment for Wednesday and a pedicure for Friday. Always nice to have the feet in tip top shape when you plan on spending a good deal of time looking at them! (earthy little chuckle here!) I also had the man pick up our US cash for tips, and found our passports. Getting these little things done well in advance does make life a lot smoother! I use the top of my bedroom dresser for a "gathering place", so these little things will not get left behind. I am presently charging my camera. And, I have streamlined my cosmetic bag and toiletries, so that is pretty well thought out as well...even the SPF30 is ready and waiting! This vacation is so easy to pack for, since there are no obligatory banquets or parties...we have chosen to abandon the super dressy clothes which really brings packing to a minimum. Basically, we need seven outfits for day, and seven for night. Since it will be relatively casual, the things I wear in the evening, can be worn again for a day outfit. I see very light suitcases in my future, since I am going to keep shoes to a minimum a well. A couple of pairs of sandals ought to do it. And I am opting for a nice fresh short haircut, which means styling gizmos and gadgets will not be necessary either! I can hardly wait!

As for the menu today? It started with a mushroom and cheese omelet with skim milk for breakfast, a toasted gluten free hamburger bun with butter for lunch and a bowl of popcorn for a snack. So far, so good, but I am still full, so I tossed leftover shepherd's pie at the man (not literally, folks) and will find something to snack on later. We are going to watch V tonight...do you remember that one from years ago?

So, there you have it. My exciting life!

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