Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hair today, toes on Friday!

In three short days, I will be sitting in Mexico, watching the world go by!

Time has just slipped away. I have yet to churn out a packing list, but I do have a hair appointment in half an hour. I remember dreading going to the hair stylist when I was young...remember when a split end was the end? Keeping my hair long and smooth was a headache...wind would whip it into a split frenzy in no time, and the conditioners we have now were none existent then. Well, things aren't much better these days. The only difference is that you pay so much more for the shock!

Breakfast: eggs, McCain's breakfast potatoes, bacon, skim milk
Lunch: who could eat lunch after all that?
Supper: baked cod, with a cream curry sauce, baby potatoes and peas & carrots. Tiger tiger ice cream for dessert. MMMMM good!
Snacks: popcorn thingy's in a bag
* haircut went well...I have now have a visible neck!Ah, the things that can be accomplished if you are willing to part with copious amounts of money!

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