Friday, November 6, 2009

Pedicure at two....

And I have my packing list finished - all I have to do, is put it all into my suitcase and forget about it!

This is what I am taking, if you care to see, and if you promise to forgive my messy room! I am in the middle of packing, you know!

Hubby took it upon himself to make breakfast this many potatoes, too much onion powder on the eggs, and too much bacon. So, I picked out what I thought would be the equivalent of an egg, and one serving of potatoes, and ate all of the bacon! Yep. Three slices, and I am not sorry...nor am I hungry! So, I will jaunt off to my pedicure, and forget about it!

Supper will be steak and salad because Pete is coming in today at about five. He is going to drive us to the airport in the morning, so we won't have that headache to bother with....I can wear a nice warm coat and send it home with him!

I won't be posting for a week, so here is my plan. I am going to have my usual breakfast minus the milk, but with the addition of fruit. Lunch will be a portion of protein and a salad, snacks will be taco chips and guacamole...mmmmmm...and supper will be protein (fish if I can get it) and vegetables. Hopefully, that won't add weight, although I am allowing for a couple of drinks at night time. Hard liquor is so much easier on my system than wine, but I will have to watch the mixes! is the mix that will kill ya!

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