Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shepherd's Pie

Today I made good use of last night's leftover potatoes for our supper. Modifying recipes to suit a low calorie, low fat, no gluten diet is a bit of a challenge, but this is made and waiting in the refrigerator to warm up for supper. I apologize for the lack of measurements, but every time I make this? It turns out pretty much the same, no matter what the proportions. I just love no brainers!

The original recipe called for a full block of cream cheese, but unless you are feeding eight people? Can you really justify adding a whole block of cream cheese to anything in good conscience? On a chilly fall day, it is good to have a comfort food like dear old mom used to make. There are three of us for supper tonight, so I imagine there will be a good amount leftover for the freezer.

Topping for pie:

Leftover mashed potatoes whipped with
one egg and
a half block of cream cheese
chives to taste
garlic powder to taste

ground bison
diced onion
Worchestershire sauce
salt & pepper to taste
baby carrots cut into rounds
frozen peas
celery cut into fine slices

Saute the onions, add ground bison. Brown well,adding veggies in stages, cooking until tender. (carrots, peas, celery) Season, and place into casserole. Layer with a can of creamed corn, then the potato mixture. Brush the top with melted butter, and make a design on the top, much like icing a cake. Place in 375ยบ oven and bake until done.

The exact number of calories or grams of fat this has depends on the amounts you use, and the size of portion, but a reasonable portion has every food group and a modest amount of fat. But one thing for sure is that it doesn't have a scrap of gluten! I am going to serve it with a hefty side salad, lightly dressed, a generous serving of green beans on the side. Visually, when I fill my plate, I divide it into quarters. 3/4's will be veggies and 1/4 will be protein.

Breakfast this morning was a serving of low fat oven fries, two eggs, two slices of bacon and a glass of skim milk. Well, that was lunch, too! And after this supper, I doubt very much there will be room for a snack.

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