Thursday, November 5, 2009


Still not on the ball with packing. Panic is beginning to set in! To my credit though, I do have the money sorted, the passports set aside, the tickets printed, and my camera charged. Now all I need to do, is select the outfits I will need, and the suitcase I will need to carry them in. I haven't decided on a purse yet, or shoes. I guess I will figure that out after I choose the outfits. I want to keep things really simple this time, and not over pack, but in the heat, you just feel so wilted all of the time! It is nice to have fresh outfits to put on.

I have made a deal with myself to forgive my arms, and let myself breath in sleeveless outfits. I don't want to bundle up and hide anymore. My arms do go with the rest of my body! My limbs are a matched set. And after all is said and done? I think I have earned the right to a little comfort through overexposure! Besides, there is a part of me that says I will likely never see these people again, so who cares? I am sure they will not use my upper arm condition to bookmark their holiday memories. "Sure, Maudie, I remember. It was right THERE that that large Canadian woman waved her arms and there was a huge traffic accident because the drivers all went blind....". How often do we limit our experiences to what others may think, when really? They won't give us a second thought? So, I am going to fly under the radar and be a rebel while we are away! We are so looking forward to this vacation!

Breakfast: egg, breakfast potatoes, bacon and skim milk
Lunch: mandarin orange hmmm it is three now, better get that down me before supper time arrives!
Supper: left over carrots and peas, baby potatoes from our dinner last night.

***good news this morning. Went to the eye guy, and there isn't even a trace of diabetes in my eyes... what I mean to say, my sugars are under really good control and there is NO TRACE of hemorrhages anymore!

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