Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kinnikinick Hamburger Buns

I have been just dying for something "bready" for weeks, and yesterday? I stopped into our local Sobeys...the one I don't usually frequent because it is horrible. Anyway, it was a brand new store! Totally redone, and restocked with guess what? GLUTEN FREE STUFF EVERYWHERE! I found the Kinni hamburger buns in the freezer section and was I happy! No more orders necessary from Alberta. I can just skip over to Sobeys and there they are! So, needless to say? I scratched the itch yesterday, and had two buns for lunch and two for supper. I polished off the last one this morning for breakfast. I must say that the bun I ate for supper did have pate and olives on it, so it was sort of a balanced meal! Who cares. I am happy!

So, my new shoes came yesterday. I turned into an ordering fiend after our holiday...sort of got out of control for a minute there! I ordered from new places, and I must say that www.shoebuy.com is amazing. I ordered two pairs of shoes on Nov. 18, and they arrived last night at about eight o'clock. The black snakeskin ones are sooo soft! They aren't a true black, but have sort of a soft taupey green in them as well....very smart. Both pair fit right out of the box! The width is perfect and they just need a little walking in before they are perfect...you need to get the "bends" in place to make any shoe really comfy! I only hope that the bathing suits I ordered are as nice.

In view of getting ready for the cruise in January, I found two new evening dresses in my closet with the tags still attached. One dress is perfect, and will do for both formal evenings. One night I will wear it as is, and the next night I will wear it with this coverup, in black. As you can see? It is a phenomenal bargain to boot. The lace is so soft and pretty, and for once? the thing is long enough! http://www.theshoppingchannel.com/product/y.b.f+stacey+lace+wrap+shrug+566771.do?search=basic&page=1&N=0&Ntt=shrug&Ns=P_DATE_CREATED

Shopping online is so much easier! I am tired of spending my vacations shopping, now that I know how to relax in the sunshine! So far of all the things I have ordered this time? I am hitting three out of three. I guess that is what happens when you really consider exactly what you need, and then search for exactly what fills the bill, rather than buying something close from what is available in the stores and then hating it!

Breakfast: toasted kinni bun with butter, fizzy water
Lunch: what lunch? The buns are all gone!
Supper: will fill in after I eat it!

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