Thursday, November 26, 2009

This morning, I didn't get around to eating until just before lunch time, at which point I was really hungry. So, I made a small potato into pan fries, with two eggs and four (YEP. I am shameless) pieces of bacon. MMMM good. I didn't have my usual glass of skim milk though, as I have run out and Rick isn't here to fetch some! Heaven forbid that I go to the store and buy some. That was breakfast. I just finished my lunch, or rather, I couldn't finish my lunch. I made guacamole and twenty taco chips...couldn't finish it all. Just had enough. So, in the garbage half of it goes, because this stuff just isn't good saved. Lesson to be learned is never prepare this for one! Here is the recipe that I really like for guacamole.

1 very ripe avocado
heaping tablespoon of salsa or finely chopped tomatoes...I prefer the tomatoes.
heaping teaspoon of salsa verde add a little more if you like zing
juice of one lemon

That's it! Mash all together, then crumble in some Feta cheese. Serve with chips or soft tacos. MMM good!

By the way? All my Mexico weight is now fact? I am .2 lbs lighter than before the trip! Whoo hoo! A two week turnaround time!

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