Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Saturday

This morning we went out in the ministry, then moved on to buy a couple of sports jackets for the man...we found nice light windowpane beige/ivory one, and a really gorgeous grey corduroy one for casual wear in the winter. The man is lookin' good....especially with his fifty dollars worth of new socks! When did socks get so darned expensive? HOWEVER it has been such a struggle to get him to release the old worn out ones that the socks really are trophies! I made sure that he didn't cop out and just buy six pairs of black, which is a nightmare for me to sort after they go through the wash. These have nice patterns that are very recognizable!

Well, after we finished at Moores, we dropped in on a good friend, then home to change for our trek to Costco. It is bonus time, so for once we came out of there with a small profit but a profit none the less. Now that is noteworthy! Their produce is so good that I am hard pressed to buy elsewhere. I also stocked up on GF muffin mix at Sobey's, and bought some more gluten free hamburger buns. Whew!

Having had such a grueling day, we went to A&W for a huge frosty mug of diet root beer and a regular order of fries at about six, and so far, so good. If I don't react quickly, I usually don't react at all, so that is a good thing. You just never know if the deep fryer is contaminated or not. So, now I have one more fast food item that has been proven "safe". After I hit the POST button, I am off to the bath to study for tomorrow. Not a small feat, as my eyes are driving me wild. So dry and itchy. Wish people wouldn't burn off their fields, because the smoke just is so irritating. I can barely keep my eyes open - they just want to shut on me! ANYWAY we had a good day.

Breakfast, because we were running late, was simple. A can of beans split two ways. Of course, the man had two tortillas and butter, and a big glass of juice, but little Miss Purity here, had just the beans, and a glass of water. That nourishment lasted till about 2:30, when we made it home to change clothing and make a lunch...Nachos! Yum. Of course, the man ate twice the portion. It kills me you know. And HE is the one that will lose weight. I kept to the regulation 19 taco chips, 1/3cup of shredded cheese, and lots of salsa. We had that flavoured water from Superstore ANYWAY supper was the half order of fries and half of a humungous diet root beer from A&W. , I think I will complete the pattern of inadequate nutrition and have a toasted hamburger bun, or maybe? An olive and liver sausage sandwich...mmmm yummy! It is so much easier to make sure that each meal you have is about four hundred calories...although, a couple of my meals didn't make that many calories today. Maybe that will buy me a nutritional bed time snacklike an orange!

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