Friday, November 27, 2009


This morning, or rather this afternoon, I had a mushroom omelette with antipasto for breakfast. It was an interesting combination! I have noticed a drop in my sugars in the morning the last two days...a very good thing. I am doing all I can to put off taking insulin, and against all odds? It seemed to have dropped after an indulgence with the gluten free muffins I had for supper last night. Go figure. You watch every crumb, then do something you think will work against you? And it turns out exactly the opposite. But I must say, 4.9 is just perfect in the morning, even though my morning was at noon because I stayed up late last night! The meal plan for today depends entirely on me getting to the store. It really is ridiculous - the store is a few blocks away, but it is so nice and warm here at home! I am getting chilled to the bone this year, and the snow isn't even here yet! Thank goodness I was able to find a nice big long coat! It will actually be a pleasure to go out in the first snowfall!

The days are so short, the darkness comes far to soon, and the morning sun comes far too late. I think it is a common reaction to hibernate!

No splurges to report...I await the parcels from the last mega session!

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