Saturday, November 21, 2009

SHOPPING is an armchair artform!

I have missed quite a few postings, but the basic menu plan around here is very simple. I am trying to recapture Mexico in the kitchen. I have gone through a bag of avocados and a flat of tomatoes this week, preferring that to the meat & spuds that I have offered up to hubby...the food is the closest I will get to seashore and sunshine in landlocked Manitoba!

Breakfast is simpler than ever. I really enjoy the Mexican way of making an omelet, and doubt that I will go back to the classic French style again. The method is so simple. Whisk two eggs in a bowl, put in a tablespoon of shredded cheese, pour it into the pan. When the edges curl, and the omelet is cooked through? Gently roll in off the pan onto your plate, top with green sauce, finely diced tomatoes and a few more shreds of cheese, or crumbled Feta. Salt and pepper at the table. That's it. MMMM good!

This morning, hubby made eggs and chips with bacon for breakfast. Not very appealing because he didn't think to taste the oven fries...just put them in for 18 minutes. It should have been for 22. Not crunchy enough for, I picked out the good bits, and left the rest. Supper for hubby was leftover chicken, rice and carrots...I had guacamole and a quesadilla since I actually got around to making my own tortillas today. They are really more like pancakes in consistency, but hey, they don't make me sick! So tonight, I ate the closest thing I have had to a sandwich since May! Gluten free bread is disgusting but tortillas made completely with corn flour? Tasty, tasty! All in all, supper was about 2/3 of a cup of mashed avocado, about four little tomatoes, two 5"tortillas with 1/3 cup of shredded cheese and the juice of half a lemon. MMM good! And of course the obligatory green tomatilla sauce. I think I am almost ready to let go of the Mexican theme here....mainly because there is only one more avocado left and just enough tiny limes to keep my gin bottle happy, should they ever meet.

I am happy to report that I have lost at least five pounds of travel weight. Thank goodness! But I am still up three pounds. A week of no man in the house ought to fix that little problem!

As for milestones? I took my measurements, and it is no wonder that I have been returning so many purchases lately. I have completely crossed over the line into a different size. It is a big deal, because the difference between plus sizes isn't a paltry inch or even two. There is a good six inches difference in the size charts, since they are grouped 22/24 under a 2X and 26/28 under the 3X. The reason for the measuring, was my quest for a new swim suit. I have a "swim dress" in bright happy colours that works just fine, but I really need "one on, one drying". So, I found this place in the US that will send to Canada....then, since hubby's bathing suit is looking a little worse for wear? I ordered a couple of suits and a pair of micro fibre pants for him.....yesterday, I ordered a capsule Lilly & Van wardrobe for the cruise - a skort/short combo that seperates, two tank tops, a jacket and a swing coat and a few dresses....not the whole wardrobe that I need, after all, I do have a pair of white comfy shorts and a pair of Capri's already! Did I mention shoes? ...four pairs of sandals. I even found one pair of pink ones! They are sooo cute, dare I hope they are comfy?

Here are the new and old favourite sites that have captured my fancy and my pursey; for the Lilly & Van cotton play clothes, dressy skirt and cami, floral sundress and LBD for white Sofft sandals, dressier Trotters black snake sandals for a black lace shrug for great selection of bathing suits, one black and one knock your eyes out neon blue, pink and white print - I figure if I confuse everyone's vision with the glare, they won't even notice my belly! And I can always cover up with my bright orange pareo! LOL Besides, this is the new affirmation. "I am going to be sixty and I accept my present self to live my present life" for pants and swim trunks for Rick. The micro fibre pants will be hemmed with a cuff to order without any extra charge. Can you believe that one? Where are free alterations for women???? It is impossible to find a dress store with an on staff seamstress these days, let alone one that will hem pants for FREE! Men have it sooooo easy. Packing for him, will be so easy - I don't even have to write down the list. This is it. Tan, navy and white are the three core colours. One pair of tan dress slacks with a navy blazer, one black suit with three shirt/tie combinations. Two pairs of shorts and four colourful t-shirts, a couple of polo shirts. Underwear, two swimsuits, extra man panties and sox and a pair of dress shoes. That is it. Toiletries that fit in one little quart bag, and he is done. Life is just not fair. Not to mention that he doesn't have to haul a curling iron or makeup, jewellery or wraps. His "cover up" for the pool will be the souvenir t-shirt that he buys on board. If only women's packing was that easy! Do we complicate things too much? I think I do.

I have been doing a lot of research about packing these days. I thought I took just the bare essentials to Mexico, but turns out that I didn't really need that much after all. Especially the accessories. I bought a ton of silver there, and only wore two of the necklaces that I brought. I wore all of it, but just to say I did! I honestly didn't need it. The most interesting article said you could travel for two weeks with 8 to 10 pieces of clothing. Now that I would like to see! A Baltic cruise would be easier to pack for, because with the cooler weather, a pair of jeans would see a lot of days. Anyway, we have these neat little clam shell Heys suitcases for carry-ons, and I would like to take the majority of my clothing on board...losing my luggage once was enough to make me steer clear of checking it through. With a good size tote to hold the unwrinkleables and my toiletries, this little gem just might work. I have a pretty good chance of getting most of my absolutely necessary wardrobe there at the same time as me!

Something tells me there will be a good deal of time spent rambling about packing over the next eight weeks, so maybe I should apologize now?

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