Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Company for lunch..

meant that I actually had to cook something. So, out came the quinoa that I made yesterday (curry, carrots, raisins and orange juice added) to serve with fish in chili sauce and roasted peppers and mushrooms. Gluten free muffin for dessert.

Supper? Two bags of lays chips - 90 calorie variety, so I really have to forage forsomething to eat before bed.

Breakfast was a two egg omelet with 90 calories of cheese and salsa verde, and a scoop of antipasto. Does that make a "fusion" meal? It sure was good!

I wore my new black shoes all day today and what a treat not to have to suffer through the "stretching" period. Online shoe shopping is the bomb! This is what I ordered from a different company:

Finally! Shoes for my big feet that aren't boring!

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