Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Saturday night...

We went to the movies tonight. District 9. Very interesting, but too much shoot 'em up stuff...I tend to nod off during "action" scenes. Anyway, after the movie, we went to Safeway (talk about an exciting date night!) and I found they had gluten free animal crackers! Yep. Better than the real thing. They have a slight lemony taste. So far, I have eaten a camel, several lions and a bear cub for my before bed snack. You get 10 for 130 calories and it only took five to give me a "cookie fix"! I also picked up some corn cakes...multi-grain gluten free corn cakes. I am saving that tasting for breakfast tomorrow. Will be nice to have an egg and a bit of crunch with Cheez Whiz on it!

Supper wasn't something I dug out of the freezer after all. We went to Wendy's and ordered fries and a chili and a diet drink - Rick always asks for two 'potato' dishes, and then we put half the fries topped with half the chili onto each plate. It makes a really nice supper, and with a package of hot sauce? My sinuses received a welcomed cleaning out as well! I never seem to be able to finish my half, so that gives Rick a little extra, so it is an inexpensive, easy meal out. I honestly don't know what to do when I have to go to a restaurant and order for just myself. I quite like sharing, and you have to admit, it sure keeps the calories in line. I don't add them up daily, but I know if each meal comes in at 500 calories or less, the day is a success. The minimum number of calories I have been given is 2000, but that really is too much to show weight loss. So, some of my meals leave out a few calories here and there. Really, meals that consist of three dill pickles and a piece of cheese really don't amount to many calories, so I easily had enough left in my day to cover a half order of fries and half a cup of chili. Life is good.

An interesting note here..... I wasn't tempted for one minute to indulge at the candy counter tonight. The popcorn actually turns my stomach (remember the free popcorn incident a while back?) and I found the rustling of my fellow movie goers quite irritating! Eating and movie watching are officially divorced! Oh how nice it is to be so smug and superior!

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