Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh happy day...

Just put a roaster full of cabbage rolls into the oven. I couldn't buy any bison yesterday, so I just used lean beef...the calorie and fat count will be higher so I used more rice and vegetables this time. The smell is just starting to waft through the house...mmmmm home!!!

This morning, hubby got ambitious and made gluten free pancakes for our combo lunch/ that was a taste sensation with ice cold milk! Lots of maple syrup, too. For supper, we will attack the cabbage rolls, and for snack we still have the major portion of the platter of veggies we bought at Costco yesterday. I am finding that tray is well worth it's price, as already it has provided one entire meal and the veggies for the cabbage stuffing - there is still a ton left, too.

There is my exciting menu for the day. Julia Child I am not!

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