Thursday, October 1, 2009


After a very busy week, I have learned something. Do not take food from anyone's plate! I begged a pickle from my friend yesterday, and didn't even think about it being in contact with her wrap, but yep. The proof was in the ...... fill in the blanks! When will I learn? We cut shopping short, and I came home to spend the rest of the day getting over the effects. So, that finished my week of adventure with a "blast"!

Today is another day. This morning I woke to the delivery of my new winter coat. I freeze in the winter, and a long, furry coat is a definite necessity. I was thrilled to find that this one fit, and was very, very long. A definite must have. Last year, my "warm" coat was just too big to wear, and I found myself staying home in the evenings to avoid chilling to the bone. Now all I need is an over the top silky scarf to complement the coat. Do not be alarmed if you see a rather large furry leopard in the snow this year. It is only me! By the way? If you are in need of a good fun fur, check out TSC for good buys on Olympia fun furs, quick, before they are all gone! I got mine for a little over half price. Sure can't beat that deal!

I haven't posted my menus lately because they have been tediously the same, day after day, and I thought I would bore you. Today though, Rick is coming home, so there will likely be something on the table at supper time.

Breakfast today was Superfries (McCain oven fries) and two eggs, lunch was a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. If left to my own devices, supper would likely be plums and strawberries. But, since we are doing the 'hail the conquoring hero' thing, I just might dig out the cornflakes and have a two course dinner for him - if he brings home some milk! Lately, I have lost all interest in supper. Breakfast, however, maintains its glory and is still my favourite meal of the day, I eat whatever I please, with no regrets! It really does see you through the day, both nutritionally and emotionally. Who wants to waste calories on silly supper things you don't even like, when there is bacon in the morning!

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