Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twelve hours to departure.....

I have to get things together just in time to leave again. So far? I have done next to nothing! Thank goodness I did the laundry yesterday! Also, I did get a good pruning at the hairdressers today. Short, short, short for spring. Hair is nice, but it is a nuisance to keep up! I noticed that it is a shade darker, too. All that fun in the sun really bleached out the ends, so now, what is left is healthier. Hopefully it won't be to hard to keep up, but you just never know with haircuts, do you?

By the way? I am still wearing the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that I put on this morning for my appointment. Hmmm...shoes and jeans that you can wear "right out of the box"? What is my world coming to? I even bothered to "accessorize" in a rather bohemian way...I put on one of the pendants I bought in Mexico that is the exact blue of the jeans. Looked rather nice with a grey tunic, if I do say so myself! A much more casual look than I am used to, but so comfy. I am beginning to understand why people don't dress the way they used to....It could be habit forming to wear jeans 24/7. Hush! Enough silly talk! I will never give up my lady duds. I quite like a bit of formality in my life!

They say that you only get old when you cease to try new things. My hairdresser was saying that many of her customers will not try something new, and if they do? They comb it the same old way! I have always hated the look of 'old'...like the forty year old women that wear their hair like they did in high school? What is with that? It is not attractive ladies!

So, every year or couple of years, I make an effort to switch things up a bit...to get with the current decade, at least! Unless you are in a care home? There is no reason to go back for the same style and colour time after time. There is no point changing your 'cool in the eighties' hairstyle to 'another style that was cool in the eighties'! This decade is almost over - let the metamorphosis begin!

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