Monday, April 5, 2010

So, did you miss me?

We had a fabulous time! Met lots of interesting new friends, and saw a few old ones, too. The Bonspiel was a real hoot! Since hubby's company was sponsoring the event, we were there every night for supper, and "sociables" too. I think we did really well keeping up, considering we are old people! LOL

While in Regina, I did do a little shopping...t-shirts mainly. I had a migraine when I was packing, and the contents of my suitcase was quite a shock to me when I reached Regina! As chance would have it, I managed to find a few things at Pennington's. ON SALE no less. More casual things. In my wisdom, I had packed only three tops. Of course, the first time I wore them they attracted spots, so were not wearable again. DUH! Ten days is a long time to be away. I didn't have a clue what to take, and as a result, what I took was completely clueless. My suitcase was expanded to the max on the way home though! Thank you Heys!

The one outfit that I did get right, was for the banquet. I wore a my black short swing dress with black beads that I bought in Germany years ago, with my new crock patent evening clutch, and comfy patent slings. It was a good thing that I thought to dress it up a bit, because I had the thrill of a lifetime when we were asked to be the first ones to follow the piper in to dinner. Now, I love bagpipes to begin with, but this? I really felt like a queen! It was a privilege indeed. I am looking forward to going next year to Calgary!

The new short short haircut worked out well. Very trouble free. My dear friend gave me a "puff" spray this stuff on your hair, then style. It is amazing! The first time I used it, I sprayed my hair right after drying it...while I was bent at the waist. When I stood up? I had a dandelion head! Good thing I had a short haircut, or I never would have made it through the door! Once tamed down with a curling iron, I had pain free hair for days. Isn't technology wonderful?

Now, my WW diet went out the window. Every meal was hosted by two provinces. We were treated to local fare on a grand scale. Alberta beef, PEI oysters, New Brunswick scallops, BC salmon...the list goes on and on. Needless to say, the scales will probably groan a bit in the morning! The major damage was done by my consistent consumption of Tanguery Ten with lemon. It may even out though, because a lot of the food had gluten in it, so I had to pass on a lot of can only hope! LOL

ANYWAY, the next posting will be about Lauren Hutton kits arrived while we were away, so tomorrow, I will experiment with the products, after I watch the instructional video. To have every product that you need for your face in one compact, would be sheer heaven for me. With all the running around we do, it really would make packing so much easier. Think I will go open the boxes now!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I did indeed miss your fun blog whilst you were gone.

I hear you will be headed this way soon...shall we set a date for a gal's day? Would love to catch up!