Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

So, here we go again, filling up the closet! Although,in my defense? The things I bought are replacing items that are far too big, so it is a "one in, one out" situation. I ordered white and beige cargo capri's that convert to shorts with the use of a clever little side tab, and a very much needed pencil skirt to use with the tops I already have. I wish they would have had one size smaller, but as it stands, this one will do. Who knew that clothing gets bigger with use? I always bought things that fit nicely in the store, but I am finding out that it is best to have them fit a little bit on the snug side. A LITTLE on the snug side to me, means not pulling it six inches away from my body for "ease"! Changing the habits of a lifetime is not an easy thing to do. Anyway, back to the pencil skirt. The fabric is firm, smooth and stretchy. No slip recquired, which is a big plus for me in the summer. And the length? PERFECT. Not too long, not too short. With a back pleat no less! So, ready for the pictures?


I am a convert. Not everything from Pennington's is ugly these days!

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