Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I ate today....

GF English muffin, butter, two poached eggs, glass of milk and peanut butter for breakfast. After twelve days of restaurant eggs, it was just all so good!

Lunch was raw veggies and dip, two gluten free donuts. Yes. I know. My bad.

Supper - as if we hadn't eaten out enough, we had to stop by Wendy's on the way home from getting our tires changed. So, supper was half a large Chili, and half an order of fries with a diet coke.Love to share, don't you?

NOW, on an up note? I was so thrilled with my Lauren Hutton kit, that I went online to order the Aqua Elements from the Canadian website. So much for simplicity. But the products are very nice, and this morning? The man even noticed my face...he looked at me and said, quote: DO you have makeup on? Ya look good. Well, that was enough for me! I was actually half through the routine when he called me to the table, and didn't have lipstick or mascara on yet. The contouring works in this kit. Very soft, not like the eighties contouring at all. You can straighten out your nose AND minimize the droopy eyes. Well, enough said. This is good stuff, just as Ms. Hutton says....

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