Saturday, April 10, 2010

Packing again....

This time, it is only for a week, and only one formal night. I have a new purple dressy dress that I haven't worn yet...there are a lot of clothes in my closet with the tags still on them, but I will get around to wearing them before they grow too big, I am sure! I actually am caught up on the laundry, but when the man arrives tonight, there will be another pile to wade through. I also have to wash those new jeans to get the sizing out of jeans are not agreeable to my skin at all. I think that is why I love those faded denim jeans that you buy already beaten half to death already!

I am loving the convertible green cargo pants...the black ones that I ordered haven't arrived yet, but they will be here when we return.

Here is a picture of the hoodies I bought in black and white:

As it is, I will have lots of options to take with me, and hopefully, I will not get a migraine when I go to do my packing this time! By the way? Using dry cleaner bags to fold your clothing keeps them absolutely wrinkle free. I tested it on a silk blouse last trip, and lo and behold? It came out with nary a crease.

So, news. Hmmm. There isn't any! Yesterday, my menu was rather interesting as I kidnapped my service mates and made them eat lunch with me.

Breakfast was: milk, two poached eggs, GF English muffin
Lunch was: chicken breast, GF gravy, absolutely calorie laden mashed potatoes (cream cheese, whipping cream and butter...but only about 1/2 a cup for my serving....sooooooo worth the calories! Steamed broccoli and cauliflower...mmmmm good!

Supper was: Huge bowl of popcorn and big glasses of water.

Good day all around!

Today breakfast was: hearty mushroom omelette with cheese and milk


Off to toss those jeans into the washer!

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