Monday, April 19, 2010


Did you think that I had given up telling you the details of my life? NO WAY are you getting that bit of peace and quiet! Here I am again! I must say a big thank you for your comments too! Really? Over 4000? I have been doing this a long time, haven't I! So here come the details...get your tea, and settle in, because I have lots to tell you! But first, let me confess. At the moment, I have SWA oil on my hair, and it is standing straight up on end - looks good with my well worn nightie and freshly washed face. Yep. It ain't pretty, but it sure feels good! That SWA+ stuff is really good. Brought my hair back from the dead after the cruise this winter and I returned home with something on my head resembling straw..... I subsequently stopped going to the pricey salon for colour treatments. When you see the results you can get from home hair colouring products now? Why would you spend over a hundred dollars every month just for colour? Spending 10.99 at Shopper's really works for me!

But I digress. We drove back from Regina yesterday - the only eventful thing was running out of gas. Yes, in his wisdom, my husband drove by several gas stations in order to get to his "favourite" and the rest is history. We were about five minutes from home, and gently rolled to a stop at the side of the highway. That pesky little bell that kept ringing? Well, in the man's estimation, it was like a hysterical backseat driver...nag, nag, nag....we had lots of gas to get us to the garage with the good car wash. Well, we did get a few minutes to make telephone calls while we were waiting for the towtruck. That meant we could start putting things away as soon as we walked in the front door. All the unpacking was done last night, with the piles of sorted laundry waiting for me in the morning! Life is good to spite what happens, eh?

Today I have been running like a mad woman...not running, really, since that is one thing that just doesn't happen in my world, but busy? Yep. I was busy! The house has been reclaimed. Dusted, vacuumed, kitchen scrubbed. Supper was real food, made with my own little hands tonight. Chicken thighs, mashed potatoes and green beans sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Easy to make, but since I stopped using the microwave, the pots are plentiful after every meal. If you love your microwave, don't research what really happens to food when you cook in one. I became slightly suspicious of them when my daughter-in-law was pregnant and told not to eat food from a microwave. WHAT???? Unbelievable, I thought. But, the rest is history. I am now a pots and pans cook again.It is just one more thing to all burns calories, so what the heck. I am breathing anyway, may as well do dishes! The laundry is started. The flowers are arranged. Life is a semblance of normal...for two weeks at least!

I tried out Curves with my friend last Thursday. It was so much easier than anything I have ever tried before and it did get my heart rate up there...apparently. I was more concerned with not tripping over those little square platforms that you stand on to keep moving while waiting for your next machine. I think I would prefer a routine where you didn't have to keep moving to the next station every second! But the time did pass quickly, and for so little effort? You do manage to work up a bit of a "glow". They say it works wonders, but running upstairs and down doing housework leaves me with the same feeling of wanting a big glass of water and a sitdown! But, maybe next fall if the price is right....after all, there is a Curves just up the street from me, and I have no excuse not can even visit other Curves while away from home. Getting to one would be a bit of a problem, but nothing insurmountable.

As for shopping? I didn't buy a thing from the stores in Regina. ONLINE? Quite a different story. I discovered that Pennington's has a website, and now can say they have excellent service to boot. I ordered another pair of pants in black. The green pants were my first choice to wear the whole time we were away - I was thrilled when I found the black ones waiting for me when I got home. It was quite thrilling not to order the largest size they offered. I guess that is what they call a non-scale victory on the Weight Watchers website! That aside? Wrinkles and all, I love those pants! So comfy.

Trollbeads. It is defintely not a good thing for the family budget to leave me alone in a hotel room with a Visa card and Internet access. Hubby knows of my addiction and foolishly says things like "there are too many beads on those bracelets...that is why they are hard to fasten. You should order more bracelets!" Well, I did. And while I was at it? A necklace, four stoppers and a few more pretty little beads snuck into the cart. Now I have a vested interest in watching the progress of that volcanic eruption, since shipping from Denmark was affected, and it will take longer for my purchases and I to be united. Everyone has their own guilty little pleasure, and now you know mine!

Breakfast: GF English muffin, two poached eggs, glass of skim milk
Lunch: 1 cup of bean soup
Supper: Chicken thigh with mashed potatoes and green beans
Snack: GF cookie and a glass of skim milk. MMMM good!

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