Saturday, December 5, 2009


You know how it feels when you leave a party early? Well, that is the way I am feeling about Mexico. I just wasn't finished, and I had to leave! I would love to have spent a few more days basking in the sunshine, and watching the waves carry all my troubles out to sea. It was such a simple fuss, no muss, no bother. Not the Ritz Carlton, but a simple seaside hotel, requiring simple clothes for simple activities. I actually feel that I relaxed for the very first time in my life!

There is a feeling of acceptance there, that just isn't present in our culture. Fat ladies wear bathing suits. It is accepted, and not a problem. And if the locals can accept me? Why shouldn't I accept myself? NOW I know what a vacation is supposed to be! Not running from this to that,and shopping myself into a coma, but sitting and being in the moment...Michael Buble's music playing, preferably..... Sigh. Even if I turn up the heat, I just can not get that sort of warmth back into my old bones!

So, to self soothe, I have been frequenting my favourite travel sites on the net. I am not very interested in Las Vegas, although people tell me I should see it once in my lifetime, to take in the shows...but to tell you the truth? It is just too...Vegas! My mind goes back to that beach in Puerto Vallarta in my dreams.

I want to sit on that beach, soak up the sun, and finish de-stressing, if there is such a word! I want to be with my fella and not think about anything other than the sound of the sea and the words to the happy tunes filtering down from the hotel! I am already thinking ahead, past the cruise in January to our next adventure! Hopefully two weeks will be enough in January to see me through until the next vacation is booked.

By the way? The bathingsuits I ordered from did not work out. They must think that people do not measure themselves accurately, and work in a "fudge" factor or something because the suits were both a full size too large. How dissappointing, and how expensive that little exercise was. So, unless you know the brand and the size, ordering bathingsuits is risky business. Twenty eight dollars for shipping to get them here, and 22 dollars to send them back two hours after they came into the house! OUCH.

So, I knew when I was having my little shopping spree that I would have a few returns...cough...a few? The good news is, that all but one pair of shoes fit...the bad news is, where am I going to store four new pairs of shoes? A very happy problem! I really need to reorganize that closet of mine!

The best place of all to deal with was Zappos Canada. They charge ten dollars shipping, and you don't have to pay anything extra upon delivery, because they calculate the taxes for you, and include it in the price they charge to your credit card. It is a real struggle not to go back and get every colour of the shoes that did fit! But, self control is a virtue, and it is about time I started to try to be a bit more virtuous!

As for the clothing? Well, so far, only one item of the Lilly & Van collection has arrived. The quality is lovely, and I am eager to recieve the other items I ordered. I think I am finally learning to mix and match a bit...not buying everything in a coordinate group just because it is there. The one L&V item was a green tunic sleeveless tee - yep. Sleeveless! (Very comfy in the heat, and who cares if I have fat arms? I am going to be 60 next year. It is my party, and I can flutter my flab if I want to!) I am anxious to see what the coordinating jackets and bottoms fit like...if the quality is anything like the tee, well, let me tell ya, I will be a happy camper. If nothing else works, though, at least I have one more tee to wear with my current white bottoms! I am ignoring that last phrase, and hope that you realize I only have one bottom, but several items of white clothing to cover it!

So, that is what is on my mind tonight. I just polished off two tomato and bacon "bunwiches". Supper was half a baked yam and about 2 oz of pork chop. Hmmm no wonder I was hungry!

Menu plan for Saturday? I have no idea, but I am kinda getting hooked on the concept of oatmeal. It really does stick to your ribs, and carries enough protein to see you through until the next feeding time at the zoo!

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