Monday, December 14, 2009


was a full in tummy full! We started the morning with gluten free oatmeal...mmmm good. Hubby made it, and it wasn't as good as mine! I usually add a bit of cinnamon, and brown sugar while it is cooking, and a couple tablespoons of cream to make it just the right consistency. I do not like to pour milk on it for some reason, and prefer to eat it like a big gooey cookie. I buy GF oatmeal, and although the cost is exorbitant, the flavour sure is good!

Lunch was TWO yep, TWO GF English muffins. I am in love with those puppies. Almost tastes like bread. I had two slices of plastic cheese on them, so I was in hog heaven! After a lunch like that, I had a big nap, just to work it off. Wonder if it worked?

Supper was scalloped potatoes, ham steak, steamed savoy cabbage and carrots. We had company, so I made Bananas Foster. The first bottle in the liquor cabinet was Appleton's Jamacan Rum, and I think that will be my booze of choice for finishing them from now on. I made whipping cream to top them with and they were the perfect ending to the meal. I am still full though, so I don't know what my sugars will be in the morning. I just can not possibly pack in one more bite!SO, my excuse for the indulgences today? I AM ON THE WENDY PLAN! That is my story, and I am sticking to it!

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