Thursday, December 10, 2009

There is a quick frozen food for me after all!

And I had it for supper. Frozen potato skins. MMM good. Bacony, cheesy goodness. I bought them to have snackage on hand over the holidays, but guess that plan isn't going to come to fruition, aye? Three skins were 210 calories, so supper was six skins and a little bit of Marzetti's light veggie dip. I tried to use cottage cheese, but it was moldy. Another victim of living in my refrigerator. I had every intention of eating cottage cheese, but just didn't get around to it. Not a good thing. Ah well, that is life. From now on I am going to pick buy it and eat it the same day...better yet? Just before dinner, send the man for it!

So, here is what the damage amounts to for today:

Breakfast: 1 GF hot dog bun, buttered of course. Not too much as GF bread products will not hold butter at slides right through,making a mess in your fingers, but naturally limiting the amount you can have! Oh no! It was my last one! 2 fried eggs...tried out my new President's Choice frying pan. Very nice indeed. And eco friendly to boot. Eggs slid off the pan slick as a whistle with just a tiny soupson of butter, for flavour. It is even a neat colour...not teflon black but sort of a golden taupe...matches the wall colour in here perfectly!

Lunch: two GF muffins, with butter, water

snack: 1 oz of cheddar cheese and eight olives
( I am a pickle addict. I need a gallon sized jar of Vlasic's dills onhand always. Where can I buy them in the city though? I usually stock up in Wal-mart in Grand Forks. It has been forever since we went shopping, and no hope of going before Christmas. I can not tolerate crowds, and there is nothing but these days.

Supper; six potato skins, 1 T Marzetti's dip, flavoured bubbly water
Snack: the other box of those sweet little oranges! More water!

Notice the balance? That's because there is none! I will be back on track tomorrow when the man returns, but it has turned into a grab what you can lifestyle. To top that off, the house looks like a tornado went through it! Just me. I can't imagine the luxury of retirement - being able to share every meal, and have the man clean up all the time? LOL How sweet would that be! For now? I am often reminded of Cher in that movie where she had two young girls, and her big stab at cooking was h'ordouvres! Good ideas sometimes come from movies, you know....

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