Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There has to be a fancy word for slug...

there is no other way to describe me! I am cold, and the only place I am happy is under my quilt and duvet! Rick left for Toronto this morning, and his plane was delayed until supper time. Poor guy spent all that time at the airport, just waiting. So, when I hear he has safely landed, I can go back to bed and sleep the rest of the night away. It is so cold outside that I haven't even tried to poke my nose out.

Breakfast: half of a potatoe, fried with two eggs, and two pieces of bacon.
Lunch: Peach fizz jelly candies (I know. I am evil.)
Supper: a single serving gluten free spinach and feta pizza from Glutino. These are good! 420 calories and they are edible. So much gluten free stuff just isn't. And the serving size is just right for me. I had a diet orange pop to go with the 'orange coloured food crap' theme today!

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