Sunday, December 27, 2009

Almost the end of another year....

Four days left until we start making mistakes writing the date on our cheques! I remember when I first learned that the year changed....fifty plus years ago, it was almost as much of a shock as it is now!

It has been an interesting year. New places, new experiences. I hope the coming year has even more adventures! We have resolved to take another restful vacation in the coming year. Mexico was such an education for us both - it was so nice to leave all the hustle and bustle behind us, and just deal with each day as it came. There is nothing like a long stretch of not too much to do each day! I would love to go back to Puerto Vallarta as soon as possible! A Mediterranean or Baltic cruise would be nice too. But only time and budget will tell! You just never know what is going to happen, so while you have the circumstances, you must do what you can. There is a window of opportunity between children and dotage that you have a little time to slip in some living!

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