Tuesday, December 15, 2009

-24ºC -11ºF

Yay! It is warming up! Really good weather for soups and stews, if one had the inclination to stay home and make them. I like going out when everyone else is at home...makes it easier to drive. Speaking of which? Yesterday, I went to start my little heap, and nothing happened except a clicking sound. Took it to the dealership after Rick boosted it, to find out that I had a damaged cell....well, I could have told them I had several, mainly between the ears, but this one they could fix. New battery on the spot, no fuss, no muss, no bother and I was ready to roll. The downside/upside was, that Hyundai now installs remote starters. I now have an appointment on Friday morning to get one installed. The free battery is costing me a bundle! Ah well. In this weather? You need all the incentive to get out of the house you can manage. And apparently? This gadget will tell me things from 3000 feet. It will communicate with me through song.... Who would have thought that things would come to this! When I was young? Turning signals were optional! Literally. I can not tell you how happy I am with my little car. Great service, good product. What more do you want? All together now! A remote starter!

So, this morning, the man made breakfast, which severely limits the food intake for the rest of the day due to his love of quantity. But it was lovely. A toasted English Muffin (gluten free, of course, and tastes nothing like a real English muffin...just a good bun)buttered, with two strips of bacon, two eggs and a glass of milk. MMMM good. Lunch? I really don't want lunch after all that!

*Supper will most likely be fish in chili sauce and a bit of rice, with some stir fried or steamed veggies (frig pickin's). Speaking of pickin', we are picking up our new camera today (ours met an untimely demise on our last trip) so I will be able to post a few pictures of the culinary disasters errrrr recipes. Cooking fish this way is a real winner, so I am anxious to let you see how pretty it is, and how simple it is to make.

New in my kitchen this week, is a Rachael Ray garbage bowl. I love it! It is pretty innocuous sitting on the counter, and so handy. Since I was ordering the bowl, I splurged on a set of her measuring cups/bowls, that are just amazing. They are huge, but take up less space than all the glass ones I had. They are made out of polypropylene, so they are not harmful even if used in the micro, which I will not do anyway. But if I should happen to need them for something hot, i know they will not leach yuck into my food. Both items were on sale. Now the only thing that remains to be seen, is if they earn their real estate in the cupboards! I find myself baking more and more these days, since I can tolerate baked goods now. I avoided things with flour in them, and didn't even realize that I was doing it, so now? I eat more cookies, pies, cakes and muffins than I did before. In fact though, I have been known to order pickles for dessert in fancy restaurants if they didn't offer Bananas Foster...they have always been my one sugar weakness, likely because they never ever made me sick! Incidentally? The last Bananas Foster I made was killer. I can still taste the Appleton's rum! So much better than snooty old brandy!

December 16

*supper was Chinese takeaway...chicken guy ding and beef with broccoli. We cleaned our plates! I could never really eat a lot of Chinese food before, primarily because my favourite thing was breaded chicken balls - little gluten bombs. After the first bite I would feel queasy, but being not feint of heart, I would soldier on....but I certainly didn't have the heart to eat much of the good for you dishes that were primarily vegetables. I didn't eat the rice, but I do now!

I now understand why people are hungry after they eat a heaping plate of Chinese food. I was actually hungry shortly after eating supper last night! Enter tragedy. Hubby made a plate of taco chips with cheese and salsa, and that was such a bad idea! I still felt queasy this morning, not from the gluten but from the heaviness of it all. Live and learn.

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