Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sometimes relatives just make your day!

I spent a good part of the morning with my dear niece chattering away about everything from soup to nuts. Nuts being the operative word here! Isn't it funny how tiny children can grow up to be such interesting adults? Although we rarely see one another, every time I talk to her, I feel I am still talking to same wise soul I first met. She was all of three at the time, but always, always,always had such a likable nature. In fact, it was her behaviour that gave me the notion that maybe having a family wasn't a bad idea after all! We share a passion for travelling and homemaking and all things pertaining to the above, so it is easy to chat for two hours and not even feel like we have scratched the surface of all that needs to be said. She works with babies in the NICU, so has found a place to use her very kind and gentle heart. It is a treat knowing the people that are hanging from the branch next to you on the old family tree. An even better treat if you like them!

Food chat. I am still full from supper last night, but since the husband was making breakfast I made a polite attempt to eat it...fifteen oven fries and two eggs...didn't manage to eat it all.

Lunch time has passed unacknowledged.

Supper will be recycled roast aka shepherd's pie. I feel like having dessert, so I will open a jar of peaches and make a dollop of whipped cream for the top. MMMM good! And hubby will think I fussed!

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