Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank goodness the man is home!

It has been a bad few days for me! If there is one thing I shouldn't do, it is to use Cheddar Popcorn as the human equivalent of puppy chow when he is gone. It really whacks me upside the head, but I must admit it is my own laziness that does it. Today, my equally bad diet was as follows.

At noon, I slunk into the kitchen and actually made an egg and a toasted English muffin. That was good. With milk.

At about three? I had three gluten free donuts. Yes. And I am suffering now. My system can not handle things like this and I develop socially undesirable traits....or trails, depending on the severity of the situation.

At about seven? He phoned to say he was finally getting on a plane. I went to the kitchen, cracked the pickles and sliced up some Ukrainian sausage. Oh, my poor belly!

At nine thirty? We were sitting down to Chinese food. Almond guy ding, and beef with broccoli. I have been running ever since.

Tomorrow is another day. I will be more sensible, and make my oatmeal for breakfast at breakfast time, I will make soup for lunch, and we will have a proper supper. Well, if I hit two out of three I will be doing good!

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