Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stretch Silk Blouse

Have you ever heard of such a thing? This is my new blouse that I just love! (they only had black but the details show up so much better on the pink) I washed it on the delicate cycle, and it came out of the dryer with nary a wrinkle.The picture is not good, but it has little ruffles on either side of the button placket, and a little tie at the back to give the illusion of a waist...which, tonight of all nights? Would be an illusion worthy of that guy that made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Ah well. Just had to share a modern miracle with the world. Washable, stretchable silk. It will be great on the cruise to wear with this skirt...of course, the details likely won't show up here, either, but there is a front panel of sparkly black beads. Another miracle fabric that arrived in the mail crease less and ready to wear! Remember the Turtles song? Well, here is my version....ooooooo I love spandex! And here is a picture of a blouse I ordered that did come in pink! It hasn't arrived, but I am hoping that it will fit as nicely as the first one.... There is nothing cooler than silk, or as easy to dress up or down. Since you are basically only visible from the waist up at dinner, I am trying to think of the lightest possible way to tote along enough clothing to wear for dinner, and for playing during the day. There are two formal nights that recquire a cocktail dress. Less is always more. I think that is why I am so thrilled to have found these blouses. They weigh nothing, and will dress up nicely for evening, with the skirt, and my "travelling" pants (made out of the same uncrushable fabric, that you could wear for a week straight and never get rumpled) for dressy "bottoms"- these four items alone will give me four outfits. I will wear my cocktail dress twice, with different accessories. And my "play" tops can easily be worn with the skirt, and a necklace to dress them up. who said you had to have a different item of clothing on every single day? I have favourite things that I wear constantly at home, so why would I need more if I was away from home? JUST IN CASE, the packer's lament!

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