Friday, December 4, 2009

New shoes!

Oh my. OH MY! OHHHHH MY!!! I am in love with ordering shoes online. Only one pair didn't fit - of course, they were the expensive ones, BUT they are now listed on eBay, because there is a restocking fee that soooo makes it not worthwhile to return. Hopefully, I will get the cost of the shoes back, and just have to eat the exchange and postage. That being said? I am very happy with the shoes that did work! I have a very, very high instep so that is why the one pair didn't work. They were soooo cute though! Sigh.

So, the parcels are steadily coming in from the far corners of the world. Well, make that the US, but you get my drift! My wardrobe for the cruise is filling out nicely, with the accessories needed coming my way one by one. The showstopper on TSC was a black shrug yesterday, which was just what I needed and didn't know it! I was looking for a black cardigan, but the shrug will work with more things, and not look old ladyish. What is it about a cardigan that adds years? Maybe the fact that you get chilly in the tropics and your personal central heating has burned itself out during menopause! LOL

So, today I made oatmeal for breakfast, and had two cups of coffee. Of course, I had to have two tablespoons of brown sugar on my cereal, but I figure since I don't put milk on my cereal that the calories even out. I bought gluten free oatmeal quite some time ago, and it really tastes good. I guess it should be since it was over five dollars for a tiny bag. Just to keep every scrap of contaminant at bay makes the price worth while though. No point getting sick when there are ways to prevent it.

Lunch was a four inch length of Overlander garlic sausage.

I have no idea what to make for supper, other than a spinach and mushroom salad. Hmmm. A chicken breast would turn that into a meal, wouldn't it. Wonder if there is one lurking in the depths of our refrigerator?

Last night I wore my new faux fur coat for the first time, and was it ever warm. I felt like a large, very fluffy leopard! LOL Very long, and very cozy. I didn't get chilled in the car even - getting into a cold car usually sets off chills that send my teeth chattering! I can hardly wait for the new car to arrive with the seat warmers. My car has them, and I LOVE them. We usually use Rick's car, and it is always in the way, so we have to freeze our butts until the car warms up!

Another exciting day in the life!

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